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AC_PATH_XTRA does not add all X11 libs

From: Bollinger, John C
Subject: AC_PATH_XTRA does not add all X11 libs
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 17:43:26 -0500


Based on its documentation, I am expecting the AC_PATH_XTRA Autoconf macro to 
create an X_LIBS output variable containing the linker flags needed for linking 
X11 programs.  For example, I am supposing that the value of this output 
variable will typically include -lX11, or whatever the local synonym may be.  
Do I misunderstand?  (Otherwise, what is the purpose of X_LIBS?)

Supposing that I understand the intended behavior and use of AC_PATH_XTRA, I 
regret to report that it isn't working for me.  My generated configure scripts 
do create the X_PRE_LIBS, X_LIBS, and X_EXTRA_LIBS output variables, and they 
do identify some libraries for X_PRE_LIBS, but they leave X_LIBS and 
X_EXTRA_LIBS empty.  I think the resulting (empty) value of X_EXTRA_LIBS is 
correct for my system, but X_LIBS does not contain -lX11.  As a result, the 
generated Makefiles fail to link my X programs.  Manually adding -lX11 to the 
linker flags in Makefile.in or in the generated Makefile resolves the linking 

System: CentOS 5.3 (Intel 32-bit)
Autotools: Autoconf 2.63, Automake 1.11, Libtool 1.5.22
X11: X.org 7.1
Compilers: GCC 4.1.2
Linker: GNU ld

A minimal demonstration package is available upon request.


John Bollinger

John C. Bollinger, Ph.D.
Computing and X-Ray Scientist
Department of Structural Biology
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
(901) 595-3166 [office]

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