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exporting env var AUTOM4TE in autoreconf

From: Peter Johansson
Subject: exporting env var AUTOM4TE in autoreconf
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 14:30:46 -0400
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I have Autoconf 2.64 installed in `/usr/local/bin'
and Autoconf 2.63 installed in
the latter is not in my path so `which autoconf' gives

In a project I wanted to check that the configure.ac still works with autoconf 2.63 so I issued
~/local/autoreconf-2.63/bin/autoreconf which gave the following output

autoreconf: Entering directory `.'
autoreconf: configure.ac: not using Gettext
autoreconf: running: aclocal --force -I m4
autoreconf: configure.ac: tracing
aclocal.m4:16: warning: this file was generated for autoconf 2.64.
You have another version of autoconf. It may work, but is not guaranteed to.
If you have problems, you may need to regenerate the build system entirely.
To do so, use the procedure documented by the package, typically `autoreconf'.
autoreconf: configure.ac: not running libtoolize: --install not given

IIUC, the problem is that aclocal here calls autom4te 2.64 and not 2.63. As aclocal has support for environement variable AUTOM4TE I wonder if it would make sense if autoreconf exported this variable to something sensible. If the variable is already set there is no use of overriding the user's choice, but if it's not set one could set it to @bindir@/@address@hidden


Peter Johansson

svndigest maintainer, http://dev.thep.lu.se/svndigest
yat maintainer,       http://dev.thep.lu.se/yat

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