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[PATCH] Autoconf 2.64 - detect Ruby 1.9 header files

From: Suraj Kurapati
Subject: [PATCH] Autoconf 2.64 - detect Ruby 1.9 header files
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 13:01:00 -0800


Autoconf 2.64 generates the following line inside the ./configure
script to find the directory that contains C header files for the Ruby
language interpreter.

    RUBYDIR=`($RUBY -rmkmf -e 'print Config::CONFIG["archdir"] ||
$archdir') 2>/dev/null`

Ruby 1.8 uses "archdir" whereas Ruby 1.9 uses "rubyhdrdir".  So please
update Autoconf to generate the following line instead:

    RUBYDIR=`($RUBY -rmkmf -e 'print Config::CONFIG["rubyhdrdir"] ||
Config::CONFIG["archdir"] || $archdir') 2>/dev/null`

Thanks for your consideration.

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