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Re: divert()/m4_divert() broken in autoconf-2.64+

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: divert()/m4_divert() broken in autoconf-2.64+
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 15:46:19 -0700
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According to Mike Frysinger on 11/21/2009 3:47 PM:
> the autoconf documentation here is a far cry from anything you can point at 
> and say "this is a bug in your code".  all it says:
>       it is nicer to associate a name with each diversion; the diversion 
> number
>       associated with a particular diversion name is an implementation 
> detail, so
>       you should only use diversion names

Documentation patches welcome.

> which is not the same as "you must never use numbers less than 300 or your 
> script will break".  especially because things have worked just fine without 
> any warnings, and even now there are no warnings.  just ugly shell errors 
> (and 
> in some larger scripts, infinite loops of them).
> if there are reserved numerical regions, then autoconf really needs to 
> warn/error out here.

m4sugar patches welcome.  But I don't know how to write such a patch to
make m4_divert warn the user they are shooting themselves in the foot,
without also breaking m4_divert for autoconf's internal use.

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