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Re: automake.texi and @acronym

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: automake.texi and @acronym
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 10:26:41 +0100
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Ralf Wildenhues <address@hidden> writes:

> [ adding libtool-patches, in case anyone wants to disagree ]
> * Karl Berry wrote on Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 10:50:38PM CET:
>>     I'm okay with changing the m4 and autoconf manuals with
>>     s/@acronym{GNU}/GNU/ 
>> s/@acronym{(.*)}/\1/ 
> So the preferred color now is this, I guess:
>   s/@acronym{(.*)}/\1/g
>   s/@sc{(.*)}/\1/g
> and correcting capitalization afterwards.  I'm fine with that.
> Unless anyone complains, I'll prepare patches over the weekend.

Is the intention that even the address@hidden cases should be
replaced?  Then what purpose is the @acronym keyword for?

The automake manual contains the uses below.  The hits in fdl.texi seems
problematic to me...

address@hidden:~/src/automake/doc master$ grep -e @acronym -e @sc *|grep -v -i 
-e '@acronym{gnu}' -e '@sc{gnu}'
automake.texi:Portable packages should limit themselves to @acronym{POSIX} file
automake.texi:names.  These can contain @acronym{ASCII} letters and digits,
automake.texi:more-generous @acronym{XOPEN} limit of 255 bytes.  @acronym{POSIX}
automake.texi:limits file names to 255 bytes (@acronym{XOPEN} allows 1023 
automake.texi:If you depart from these rules (e.g., by using address@hidden
automake.texi:further: they should conform to the 
automake.texi:address@hidden environments, you should avoid file names that
automake.texi:@acronym{DOS} file systems.
fdl.texi:@sc{ascii} without markup, Texinfo input format, address@hidden input
fdl.texi:format, @acronym{SGML} or @acronym{XML} using a publicly available
fdl.texi:@acronym{DTD}, and standard-conforming simple @acronym{HTML},
fdl.texi:PostScript or @acronym{PDF} designed for human modification.  Examples
fdl.texi:of transparent image formats include @acronym{PNG}, @acronym{XCF} and
fdl.texi:@acronym{JPG}.  Opaque formats include proprietary formats that can be
fdl.texi:read and edited only by proprietary word processors, @acronym{SGML} or
fdl.texi:@acronym{XML} for which the @acronym{DTD} and/or processing tools are
fdl.texi:not generally available, and the machine-generated @acronym{HTML},
fdl.texi:PostScript or @acronym{PDF} produced by some word processors for
address@hidden:~/src/automake/doc master$ 


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