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Re: backslashes in macro arguments

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: backslashes in macro arguments
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 00:41:17 GMT

Hi All,

    Changing \t to \\t ... results in a doubled-up \\ in pdf output.

I'll see if I can fix that.  It is twisty TeX.

    Trying to use @backslash{}t failed, because there is no @backslash
    command (should there be?).

Conceivably, but it wouldn't really help you now if we added it, since
of course current makeinfo wouldn't recognize it.

    Any other ideas for a workaround that works for both info and pdf?  

Aside from Ralf's solution of not using macros (sounds good to me :),
oddly enough, using yet another macro worked in some simple tests for
me (I didn't try your actual manual, though).  Like this:

@macro mybs
@end macro

@macro mymac {myarg}
@end macro


I'm getting a\b (one backslash) in both pdf and info.


P.S. I wish macros did not use \'s.  That was a poor design.

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