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config.status produces incompatible defines.awk and config.h

From: Hoyt, David
Subject: config.status produces incompatible defines.awk and config.h
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 16:30:30 -0700

I'm unsure if this is a binutils-specific issue or not, since I'm told that 
gcc-related projects use their own configuration environment. But I noticed the 
following when attempting to compile binutils...

config.h was not being created correctly on my Windows 7 (x86_64) machine using 
the latest released tools from msys/mingw, causing all sorts of build problems. 
After investigating the issue, it was narrowed down to a problem with how 
config.status produces and then uses defines.awk. That awk file uses a regular 
expression that looks for lines like "#undef VALUE_HERE" to eventually change 
them to "#define VALUE_HERE 1" if configure deems it so, but it wasn't finding 
them due to mismatches from Windows-style line endings.

This patch (attached as well) fixes the issue in defines.awk, but I'm unsure of 
where it really needs to go (because defines.awk is created by config.status, 
itself created through configure) since I'm not an autotools expert:

--- defines-orig.awk    Thu Sep  2 15:52:10 2010
+++ defines.awk Thu Sep  2 15:56:01 2010
@@ -51,8 +51,9 @@
   for (key in D) D_is_set[key] = 1
   FS = " "
-/^[\t ]*#[\t ]*(define|undef)[\t 
 (]|$)/ {
+/^[\t ]*#[\t ]*(define|undef)[\t 
 (]|\r$)/ {
   line = $ 0
+  sub(/\r$/, "", line)
   split(line, arg, " ")
   if (arg[1] == "#") {
     defundef = arg[2]

Perusing the repo., it seems that the fix could go here (but again, I'm unsure 
due to lack of experience): 

Hope this helps.

- David Hoyt

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