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Re: AC_BEFORE does not warn when it should

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: AC_BEFORE does not warn when it should
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2010 11:49:51 -0600
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On 05/31/2010 03:36 PM, Bruno Haible wrote:

Hi Bruno, and reviving an old thread.

Here is a case where AC_BEFORE does not warn when it should.

How to reproduce (with autoconf 2.65):
   $ wget http://www.haible.de/bruno/gnu/autoconf-bug-20100601.tar.gz
   $ tar xvfz autoconf-bug-20100601.tar.gz
   $ cd autoconf-bug-20100601
   $ autoconf

No warning. Now look at the definition of gl_LIBUNISTRING
(in file m4/libunistring.m4): It starts with

   # XXX gl_LIBUNISTRING starts here

Just to be clear, here you want autoconf to issue a warning if gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE has already been expanded. That is, you think gl_LIBUNISTRING should work well in isolation; and that it should work well with gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE when gl_LIBUNISTRING is expanded first; but you have problems if both macros are called but gl_LIBUNISTRING is expanded second, thus wanting a warning to alert you to that fact.

And the definition of gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE (in file
m4/libunistring-base.m4): It starts with


As Gary already pointed out, AC_BEFORE([...], [$0]) is pointless (of course gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE has not yet been expanded if we are now expanding it), not to mention that if it triggered, it would be printing a misleading error message (blaming the wrong macro name). But it doesn't affect analysis; I've erased that line from your tarball and still see the issue you reported.

And, to make sure I still understand your intent: You are claiming that it is okay to run gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE in isolation (that is, when gl_LIBUNISTRING is never used), which means that gl_LIBUNISTRING is not a pre-requisite of gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE. Had gl_LIBUNISTRING been a prerequisite, then adding the AC_REQUIRE([gl_LIBUNISTRING]) in gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE would give you the warning message you desire, but it means that gl_LIBUNISTRING is unconditionally expanded, which goes counter to your argument that the two macros are independently useful.

If I'm mis-understanding your assumptions, let me know, although it doesn't affect my analysis of the autoconf limitation you stumbled upon. And meanwhile, I think we can fix your particular usage case to work regardless of whether I can beef up autoconf to warn as documented, or whether you are still using an older autoconf that has that limitation of no warning.

Both macros are defined with AC_DEFUN. Neither one requires nor invokes any
other macro. In the final configure file, the "before" constraint is violated:

   $ grep -n 'starts here' configure
   12110:  # XXX gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE starts here
   14551:  # XXX gl_LIBUNISTRING starts here

In other words, you have proof that the expansion of gl_LIBUNISTRING occurs second, and that AC_BEFORE did not warn about gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE even though that ended up first in the output.

Yet autoconf has not warned. Why??

This is caused by the age-old nemesis of expansion before requiring. gl_LIBUNISTRING was indeed expanded first, which means that at the time AC_BEFORE was expanded, gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE had not yet been seen. In fact, using autoconf's --trace mechanism proves this point:

$ autoconf --trace gl_LIBUNISTRING --trace gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE

So the problem boils down to understanding why the expansions are being reorganized, since the actual expansions happened in the correct order; and the culprit is AC_REQUIRE.

Both gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIBSOURCE and gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIBHEADER do an AC_REQUIRE of gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE. And gl_INIT (in gnulib-comp.m4) does a direct expansion of gl_LIBUNISTRING first, followed by a direct expansion of gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIBHEADER. The end result is that the expansion of gl_LIBUNISTRING occurs inline in the body of gl_INIT, but the expansion of gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE occurs prior to the body of gl_INIT. So, even though gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE was expanded second, it was expanded via AC_REQUIRE which resulted in it occurring first.

You can fix things by changing the gnulib modules to AC_REQUIRE([gl_LIBUNISTRING]) rather than directly expand it. Or you can fix things by making macros like gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIBHEADER do an AC_REQUIRE of both gl_LIBUNISTRING and gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE (back to the question of are the two macros really independently useful, with merely an ordering constraint to enforce if both are used, or are they dependent such that using one should always imply the use of the other). I think you can also use AC_DEFUN_ONCE instead of AC_DEFUN to avoid the problem.

Meanwhile, I think I can fix the autoconf issue: if AC_BEFORE([a],[b]) tweaks the definition of [b] to inject an AC_REQUIRE([a]), then you can get the 'expanded before required' warning in the case where [a] is expanded then [b] required. And it has limited impact: calling just [a] means you never expanded [b] to run into the newly injected AC_REQUIRE; calling just [b] means you never hit the AC_BEFORE of [a] to inject anything; directly calling or requiring both [a] and [b] in order means that you hit the AC_REQUIRE but [a] has already been expanded; and calling [b] before [a] means that you will still get the ordering constraint warning. So, the only thing that changes is directly expanding [a] before requiring [b], where the injected AC_REQUIRE is sufficient to hook into the existing AC_REQUIRE 'expanded before required' logic to warn about the issue.

Indeed, with the patch below, I get this warning buried in the middle of various other warnings:

configure.ac:63: warning: AC_REQUIRE: `gl_LIBUNISTRING' was expanded before it was required
m4/libunistring-base.m4:67: gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE is expanded from...
m4/libunistring-base.m4:51: gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIBHEADER is expanded from...

That is, the AC_BEFORE call in gl_LIBUNISTRING was sufficient to make gl_LIBUNISTRING_LIB_PREPARE behave as if it had done AC_REQUIRE([gl_LIBUNISTRING]), but without forcing the dependency if gl_LIBUNISTRING remains uncalled.

However, the list of warnings produced on your example when using my patched autoconf was rather large. Some of the other warnings already existed when using autoconf.git without this patch, and have mostly been fixed in existing gnulib (such AC_LANG_CONFTEST without AC_LANG_SOURCE). But there were other new warnings that cropped up because of this patch, such as AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS being required but not defun'd, so until I analyze those issues (whether it really is a dependency ordering bug in autoconf's definition, or whether there is a better way than the patch below for making AC_BEFORE reliably warn), I am claiming that this patch is not ready for prime time yet. If you don't mind, I'd rather release autoconf 2.68 _without_ this patch, and look in more depth on how to issue the warning reliably and without false positives after 2.68 is released.

So, without further ado, here's a quickie proof-of-concept patch that makes AC_BEFORE warn in the cases where it would introduce an ordering constraint violation due to expanding the AC_BEFORE prior to AC_REQUIRE'ing the counterpart macro (deceptively short, huh?).

diff --git i/lib/m4sugar/m4sugar.m4 w/lib/m4sugar/m4sugar.m4
index d440127..724dade 100644
--- i/lib/m4sugar/m4sugar.m4
+++ w/lib/m4sugar/m4sugar.m4
@@ -1889,7 +1889,8 @@ m4_define([_m4_divert(GROW)],       10000)
 # by avoiding dnl and m4_defn overhead.
 [m4_ifdef([_m4_expansion_stack], [], [_m4_defun_pro_outer([$1])])]dnl
+[m4_ifdef([$0($1)], [m4_indir([$0($1)])])])

@@ -2022,7 +2023,9 @@ m4_define([m4_pattern_allow], [])
 # Issue a warning if CALLED-MACRO-NAME was called before THIS-MACRO-NAME.
-              [m4_warn([syntax], [$2 was called before $1])])])
+              [m4_warn([syntax], [$2 was called before $1])],
+  m4_if([$0], [m4_before], [[m4_require]], [[AC_REQUIRE]])[([$1])])])])


Eric Blake   address@hidden    +1-801-349-2682
Libvirt virtualization library http://libvirt.org

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