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_AC_REPLACE_FUNC should invoke AC_CHECK_FUNCS for compatibility

From: Wiseman Jun
Subject: _AC_REPLACE_FUNC should invoke AC_CHECK_FUNCS for compatibility
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 10:46:01 +0800

The configure.ac file of libiberty includes the following scripts:
funcs="$funcs atexit"
funcs="$funcs basename"

In the old version of autoconf (maybe before v2.64), AC_REPLACE_FUNCS will
invoke AC_CHECK_FUNCS directly. So it expanded to:
for ac_func in $funcs

The expanded result works well.
But after switch to the latest autoconf v2.67, the for loop is lost in
expanded result. And it caused configure script generated a wrong Makefile.
The failed is because of AC_REPLACE_FUNCS invoke _AC_REPLACE_FUNC and then
invoke AC_CHECK_FUNC, and the AC_CHECK_FUNC have no for loop body.

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