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confusing autotest file name citations in logs

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: confusing autotest file name citations in logs
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2011 12:47:21 -0800
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GNU PSPP has a whole directory hierarchy of .at test files, which
are included into a top-level testsuite.at.  This makes AT_CHECK
write confusingly incorrect file names into testsuite.log.  For
example, PSPP has tests in tests/language/data-io/add-files.at,
and for these tests AT_CHECK logs, e.g.:

../../tests/add-files.at:108: pspp -O format=csv save-a.sps

That is, it makes it look as though add-files.at is directly
inside tests/.  Instead, it would be better if it would write the
full correct path:

../../tests/language/data-io/add-files.at:108: pspp -O format=csv save-a.sps

Or it could at least indicate that some part of the name was

../../tests/.../add-files.at:108: pspp -O format=csv save-a.sps

I'm willing to help, if someone will give an opinion as to which
alternative is better.


Ben Pfaff 

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