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Re: aclocal not looking into /usr/local/

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: aclocal not looking into /usr/local/
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 06:12:34 +0100
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* Hans Aberg wrote on Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 10:13:45PM CET:
> > aclocal doesn't understand -B, so autoreconf doesn't pass it on to
> > aclocal (although getting aclocal to learn -B needs to be resolved on
> > the automake list first before we worry about teaching autoreconf in the
> > autoconf package about honoring it).
> > 
> > Can you get by with the -I option instead?
> This worked, but that seems to add the new files after the old ones.
> Therefore, in this situation, -B would be more natural. I think that
> then the argument is simply dropped to aclocal, rather confusingly.

As another workaround, you can create a
$automake_prefix/share/aclocal/dirlist file containing the line

so your new aclocal searches the directory.

But yes, I guess aclocal should learn -B.


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