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Re: bug in autoconf-2.64

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: bug in autoconf-2.64
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 07:13:58 -0700
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On 02/22/2011 03:49 AM, Mike Stump wrote:
> I'm trying to run autoconf on darwin, and it requires autoconf-2.64.

Have you tried with autoconf 2.68?

>  When I run it I wind up with extra lines in the resulting configure file:
> Index: configure
> ===================================================================
> --- configure (revision 170335)
> +++ configure (working copy)

So which project is this that stores a generated file in the version
control system?  If you want to regenerate that file, then you need to
use the exact version of autoconf that the project documents, otherwise
you risk all sorts of spurious diffs.

> Net result, I can't regenerate configure files anymore.  :-(  I don't know 
> which files to tease out of gcc to make a nice bug report,

Oh, you could have mentioned that you were trying to run autoconf on gcc
to begin with!  Indeed, regenerating configure files for gcc requires
some specific steps; but those steps are better documented by asking on
the gcc lists rather than here.  Are you sure you're using the exact
version of autoconf required by gcc, and not a pre-built autoconf for
darwin that might have vendor patches and thus produce slightly
different results than stock autoconf?  Or maybe this is an issue with
other programs, such as which version of libtool is in use?  Personally,
I haven't tried to regenerate configure files for gcc, but I know that
Ralf has done so, so maybe he has some better advice for what to look
for on your end.

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