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Re: Missing INSTALL file

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: Missing INSTALL file
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 22:35:15 +0200
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On Monday 20 June 2011, Eric Blake wrote:
> On 06/20/2011 12:45 PM, David Doria wrote:
> > I cloned autoconf with git clone git://git.sv.gnu.org/autoconf
> > in the README is says "see INSTALL", but I don't see an INSTALL file?
> The README file is intended for those users building autoconf from a
> tarball, at which point there _is_ and INSTALL file.
> If you are building from autoconf.git, you should _first_ read HACKING,
> which describes how to bootstrap autoconf (at which point, you will also
> have an INSTALL file).
> About the only thing we could do to improve this is to make README
> mention HACKING; but I'm not sure if that is a good idea, since HACKING
> is (currently, and intentionally) not shipped in the tarball.  Any
> suggestions on wording a conditional mention of further documentation to
> read, where that documentation is only present when building from git,
> would be appreciated;
What about a dist-hook?  But then, I'm not sure the extra complexity this
would add is warrented by the issue under discussion.  Personally, every
time I check out a package from a developement repository, I look for a
README-hacking, HACKING, or README.dev file (or something similar) first,
even before looking at the README.

> otherwise I'm inclined to leave this situation as-is.
That would be my choice too.

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