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Re: config.log doesn't show INSTALL or srcdir

From: LHB
Subject: Re: config.log doesn't show INSTALL or srcdir
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 14:36:01 -0400
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On 10/27/2011 11:04 AM, Eric Blake wrote:
On 10/27/2011 05:14 AM, LHB wrote:
Somewhere along the line, these vars managed to escape from being

I did notice that config.status has a little section in it that has the
missing vars all grouped together. Coincidence?

No, this is by design.

Good answer. Makes sense. Although, it might be worth considering listing the magic variable as just that in the config.log file. It might help keep the user informed and help in cutnpaste (if you have any say in these things).

# magic output variables
#  (assigned per directory)

# output variables
# ------

# conf defs

Thank you for taking the time.:-)

s|@configure_input@|$ac_sed_conf_input|;t t
s&@top_builddir@&$ac_top_builddir_sub&;t t
s&@top_build_prefix@&$ac_top_build_prefix&;t t
s&@srcdir@&$ac_srcdir&;t t
s&@abs_srcdir@&$ac_abs_srcdir&;t t
s&@top_srcdir@&$ac_top_srcdir&;t t
s&@abs_top_srcdir@&$ac_abs_top_srcdir&;t t
s&@builddir@&$ac_builddir&;t t
s&@abs_builddir@&$ac_abs_builddir&;t t
s&@abs_top_builddir@&$ac_abs_top_builddir&;t t
s&@INSTALL@&$ac_INSTALL&;t t

These are the magic variables, whose contents vary depending on what
directory where the substitution occurs.

All the other variables are constant substitutions - it doesn't matter
how deep your file with @VAR@ is, the substitution will use the same
value of $VAR. But for the variables listed in this hunk, the expansion
varies; for example, @top_builddir@ might be "./" or "../" or "../../",
and so on. Since they aren't constant over the life of the config.status
substitution loop, they aren't listed as environment variables with a
constant value. $INSTALL is one of these magic variables, hence its
intentional exclusion from the earlier list of substituted names.


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