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MinGW's awk 3.1.7, config.status, and CRLF issues

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: MinGW's awk 3.1.7, config.status, and CRLF issues
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2012 13:05:56 +0100 (CET)


after a few hours of debugging I've discovered that either MinGW awk
3.1.7 or MinGW autoconf 2.68's awk script as used in `config.status'
(to convert `foo.h.in' into `foo.h') has problems with CRLF: Only if
the original input file has Unix line endings, the script runs
successfully!  Otherwise, no substitution of

  #undef HAVE_FOO_H


  #define HAVE_FOO_H

(and similar lines) happens.

Is this expected behaviour?  I have simply checked out the FreeType
git repository and run its `autogen.sh' script, and by default git
converts text files to CRLF on Windows.  The above is a very
unpleasant surprise.


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