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libxcb build failure: /bin/sh: /home/miki/install-sh: No such file or di

From: Alain Kalker
Subject: libxcb build failure: /bin/sh: /home/miki/install-sh: No such file or directory
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2013 17:45:54 +0200
User-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:17.0) Gecko/20130625 Thunderbird/17.0.7

Building libxcb 1.9.1 [1][2] on Arch linux (Autoconf 2.69, Automake 1.14) fails with the following error:

Making install in doc
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/miki/pkg/abs/extra/libxcb/src/libxcb-1.9.1/doc' make[2]: Entering directory `/home/miki/pkg/abs/extra/libxcb/src/libxcb-1.9.1/doc'
make[2]: Nothing to be done for `install-exec-am'.
/bin/sh /home/miki/install-sh -d '/home/miki/pkg/abs/extra/libxcb/pkg/libxcb/usr/share/doc/libxcb'
/bin/sh: /home/miki/install-sh: No such file or directory
make[2]: *** [install-data-local] Error 127
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/miki/pkg/abs/extra/libxcb/src/libxcb-1.9.1/doc'
make[1]: *** [install-am] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/miki/pkg/abs/extra/libxcb/src/libxcb-1.9.1/doc'
make: *** [install-recursive] Error 1

From some research done in the bug report at [3], it appears to be caused by ac_aux_dir not being properly initialized, causing $am_aux_dir to be set to ${HOME} , and as a consequense $install_sh to be set to ${HOME}/install-sh .

Interestingly, reordering lines in configure.ac such that

AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([foreign dist-bzip2])

comes before


appears to resolve the build failure.

As an alternative, adding




causes the build to complete successfully.

My additional questions:
- AFAWCT, nothing in the documentation seems to suggest that a particular ordering of the macros in configure.ac is required. How can it be that reordering the macros causes different behaviour?

Kind regards,

Alain Kalker

[1]: http://xcb.freedesktop.org/
[2]: http://xcb.freedesktop.org/dist/libxcb-1.9.1.tar.bz2
[3]: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=66413

## ----------------------------- ##
## GNU Autoconf 2.69 test suite. ##
## ----------------------------- ##

testsuite: command line was:
  $ ./testsuite

## ---------- ##
## ChangeLog. ##
## ---------- ##

| 2012-04-24  Eric Blake  <address@hidden>
|     Release Version 2.69.
|     * NEWS: Mention the release.
| 2012-04-24  Eric Blake  <address@hidden>
|     maint: drop bz2 tarball
|     At 2.68b, I asked whether anyone would miss .gz and .bz2 formats.
|     Consensus was overwhelming that .gz still holds a place in people's

## --------- ##
## Platform. ##
## --------- ##

hostname = miki-desktop
uname -m = x86_64
uname -r = 3.9.8-1-ARCH
uname -s = Linux
uname -v = #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jun 27 21:37:31 CEST 2013

/usr/bin/uname -p = unknown
/bin/uname -X     = unknown

/bin/arch              = unknown
/usr/bin/arch -k       = unknown
/usr/convex/getsysinfo = unknown
/usr/bin/hostinfo      = unknown
/bin/machine           = unknown
/usr/bin/oslevel       = unknown
/bin/universe          = unknown

PATH: /home/miki/pkg/abs/core/autoconf/src/autoconf-2.69/tests
PATH: /usr/lib/ccache/bin
PATH: /home/miki/.local/go/bin
PATH: /home/miki/bin
PATH: /home/miki/.local/bin
PATH: /usr/local/sbin
PATH: /usr/local/bin
PATH: /usr/bin
PATH: /opt/android-sdk/build-tools/17.0.0/
PATH: /opt/android-sdk/platform-tools
PATH: /opt/android-sdk/tools
PATH: /usr/bin/vendor_perl
PATH: /usr/bin/core_perl
PATH: /opt/vmware/bin

testsuite: atconfig:
| # Configurable variable values for building test suites.
| # Generated by ./config.status.
| # Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
| # The test suite will define top_srcdir=/../.. etc.
| at_testdir='tests'
| abs_builddir='/home/miki/pkg/abs/core/autoconf/src/autoconf-2.69/tests'
| at_srcdir='.'
| abs_srcdir='/home/miki/pkg/abs/core/autoconf/src/autoconf-2.69/tests'
| at_top_srcdir='..'
| abs_top_srcdir='/home/miki/pkg/abs/core/autoconf/src/autoconf-2.69'
| at_top_build_prefix='../'
| abs_top_builddir='/home/miki/pkg/abs/core/autoconf/src/autoconf-2.69'
| # Backward compatibility with Autotest <= 2.59b:
| at_top_builddir=$at_top_build_prefix
| SHELL=${CONFIG_SHELL-'/bin/sh'}

testsuite: atlocal:
| # -*- shell-script -*-
| # tests/atlocal.  Generated from atlocal.in by configure.
| # Configurable variable values for Autoconf test suite.
| # Copyright (C) 2000-2001, 2005, 2008-2012 Free Software Foundation,
| # Inc.
| #
| # This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
| # it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
| # the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
| # (at your option) any later version.
| #
| # This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
| # but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
| # GNU General Public License for more details.
| #
| # You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
| # along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
| PERL='/usr/bin/perl'
| GREP='/usr/bin/grep'
| EGREP='/usr/bin/grep -E'
| SED='/usr/bin/sed'
| # We need to know if sh -n is ok.
| ac_cv_sh_n_works='yes'
| # Check whether the underlying system can manage some unusual
| # symbols in file names.
| if test -z ''; then
|   func_sanitize_file_name () { echo "$@"; }
| else
|   func_sanitize_file_name () { echo "$@" | tr -d ''; }
| fi
| # Can we create directories with trailing whitespace in their names?
| ac_cv_dir_trailing_space='yes'
| if test "$ac_cv_dir_trailing_space" = yes; then
|   func_sanitize_dir_name () { echo "$@"; }
| else
|   func_sanitize_dir_name () { echo "$@" | sed 's/  *$//'; }
| fi
| # AUTOM4TE might be set in the environment.  Override it here so that
| # direct aclocal invocations also use it.
| AUTOM4TE=autom4te
| export AUTOM4TE

## ---------------- ##
## Tested programs. ##
## ---------------- ##

./local.at:527: /home/miki/pkg/abs/core/autoconf/src/autoconf-2.69/tests/autom4te --version
autom4te (GNU Autoconf) 2.69
Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
License GPLv3+/Autoconf: GNU GPL version 3 or later
<http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>, <http://gnu.org/licenses/exceptions.html>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

Written by Akim Demaille.

./local.at:527: /home/miki/pkg/abs/core/autoconf/src/autoconf-2.69/tests/autoconf --version
autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.69
Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
License GPLv3+/Autoconf: GNU GPL version 3 or later
<http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>, <http://gnu.org/licenses/exceptions.html>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

Written by David J. MacKenzie and Akim Demaille.

./local.at:527: /home/miki/pkg/abs/core/autoconf/src/autoconf-2.69/tests/autoheader --version
autoheader (GNU Autoconf) 2.69
Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
License GPLv3+/Autoconf: GNU GPL version 3 or later
<http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>, <http://gnu.org/licenses/exceptions.html>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

Written by Roland McGrath and Akim Demaille.

./local.at:527: /home/miki/pkg/abs/core/autoconf/src/autoconf-2.69/tests/autoupdate --version
autoupdate (GNU Autoconf) 2.69
Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
License GPLv3+/Autoconf: GNU GPL version 3 or later
<http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>, <http://gnu.org/licenses/exceptions.html>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

Written by David J. MacKenzie and Akim Demaille.

./local.at:527: /home/miki/pkg/abs/core/autoconf/src/autoconf-2.69/tests/autoreconf --version
autoreconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.69
Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
License GPLv3+/Autoconf: GNU GPL version 3 or later
<http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>, <http://gnu.org/licenses/exceptions.html>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

Written by David J. MacKenzie and Akim Demaille.

./local.at:527: /home/miki/pkg/abs/core/autoconf/src/autoconf-2.69/tests/ifnames --version
ifnames (GNU Autoconf) 2.69
Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
License GPLv3+/Autoconf: GNU GPL version 3 or later
<http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>, <http://gnu.org/licenses/exceptions.html>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

Written by David J. MacKenzie and Paul Eggert.

## ------------------ ##
## Running the tests. ##
## ------------------ ##
testsuite: starting at: Tue Jul  2 17:05:14 CEST 2013
1. Syntax of the shell scripts (tools.at:46): ok     (0m0.287s 0m0.000s)
2. Syntax of the Perl scripts (tools.at:70): ok     (0m0.360s 0m0.050s)
3. autom4te cache (tools.at:88): ok     (0m0.243s 0m0.050s)
4. autom4te --force (tools.at:119): ok     (0m0.187s 0m0.027s)
5. autom4te and whitespace in file names (tools.at:145): ok (0m0.857s 0m0.100s) 6. autom4te --trace and unusual macro names (tools.at:217): ok (0m0.087s 0m0.027s) 7. autom4te --trace and whitespace (tools.at:227): ok (0m0.100s 0m0.017s)
8. autoconf --trace: user macros (tools.at:252): ok     (0m0.417s 0m0.063s)
9. autoconf --trace: builtins (tools.at:338): ok     (0m0.397s 0m0.030s)
10. autoconf: forbidden tokens, basic (tools.at:369): ok (0m0.207s 0m0.030s)
11. autoconf: forbidden tokens, exceptions (tools.at:407): ok (0m0.110s 0m0.023s) 12. autoconf: automatically allowed tokens (tools.at:446): ok (0m0.173s 0m0.020s)
13. autoconf: the empty token (tools.at:463): ok     (0m0.093s 0m0.030s)
14. autoconf: subdirectories (tools.at:478): ok     (0m0.220s 0m0.047s)
15. autoconf: input from stdin (tools.at:504): ok     (0m0.247s 0m0.047s)
16. autoconf: AC_AUTOCONF_VERSION (tools.at:522): ok     (0m0.167s 0m0.030s)
17. autoconf: AC_PRESERVE_HELP_ORDER (tools.at:540): ok (0m0.187s 0m0.023s)
18. ifnames (tools.at:577): ok     (0m0.083s 0m0.010s)
19. autoheader (tools.at:625): ok     (0m0.580s 0m0.057s)
20. autoheader and macros (tools.at:758): ok     (0m0.353s 0m0.023s)
21. autoupdate (tools.at:799): ok     (0m1.540s 0m0.093s)
22. autoupdating AC_LINK_FILES (tools.at:831): ok     (0m0.940s 0m0.107s)
23. autoupdating AC_PREREQ (tools.at:858): ok     (0m2.317s 0m0.130s)
24. autoupdating AU_ALIAS (tools.at:879): ok     (0m1.203s 0m0.160s)
25. autoupdating OLD to NEW (tools.at:905): ok     (0m0.917s 0m0.067s)
27. autoupdating AC_HELP_STRING (tools.at:955): ok     (0m0.917s 0m0.077s)
28. autoupdating with m4sugar (tools.at:973): ok     (0m1.057s 0m0.060s)
32. autoupdating AC_LANG_SAVE (tools.at:1088): ok     (0m0.970s 0m0.070s)
33. autoupdating AC_FOREACH (tools.at:1108): ok     (0m0.917s 0m0.077s)
34. autoupdating with aclocal and m4_include (tools.at:1132): ok (0m2.353s 0m0.123s)
35. autom4te preselections (tools.at:1162): skipped (tools.at:1200)
36. autom4te cache creation (tools.at:1215): ok     (0m0.307s 0m0.090s)
37. autom4te cache locking (tools.at:1258): ok     (0m0.320s 0m0.040s)
38. autotools and whitespace in file names (tools.at:1278): ok (0m10.307s 0m0.963s)
39. m4_stack (m4sugar.at:41): ok     (0m0.097s 0m0.017s)
40. m4_defn (m4sugar.at:102): ok     (0m0.410s 0m0.067s)
41. m4_dumpdef (m4sugar.at:186): ok     (0m0.353s 0m0.043s)
42. m4_warn (m4sugar.at:245): ok     (0m0.357s 0m0.043s)
43. m4_divert_stack (m4sugar.at:303): ok     (0m0.403s 0m0.073s)
44. m4_expansion_stack (m4sugar.at:392): ok     (0m0.100s 0m0.013s)
45. m4_require: error message (m4sugar.at:416): ok     (0m0.100s 0m0.010s)
46. m4_require: circular dependencies (m4sugar.at:436): ok (0m0.090s 0m0.020s) 47. m4_require: one-shot initialization (m4sugar.at:466): ok (0m0.180s 0m0.033s)
48. m4_require: nested (m4sugar.at:527): ok     (0m0.400s 0m0.083s)
49. m4sugar shorthand conditionals (m4sugar.at:695): ok (0m0.090s 0m0.023s)
50. m4_cond (m4sugar.at:780): ok     (0m0.097s 0m0.017s)
51. m4 lists (m4sugar.at:832): ok     (0m0.167s 0m0.037s)
52. m4_split (m4sugar.at:884): ok     (0m0.090s 0m0.027s)
53. m4_do (m4sugar.at:930): ok     (0m0.077s 0m0.040s)
54. m4_append (m4sugar.at:958): ok     (0m0.180s 0m0.027s)
55. m4_join (m4sugar.at:1042): ok     (0m0.100s 0m0.020s)
56. m4_expand (m4sugar.at:1093): ok     (0m0.100s 0m0.013s)
57. m4_text_box (m4sugar.at:1149): ok     (0m0.090s 0m0.023s)
58. m4_text_wrap (m4sugar.at:1173): ok     (0m0.100s 0m0.013s)
59. m4_version_compare (m4sugar.at:1235): ok     (0m0.093s 0m0.017s)
60. Standard regular expressions (m4sugar.at:1293): ok (0m0.577s 0m0.090s)
61. m4_bmatch (m4sugar.at:1320): ok     (0m0.090s 0m0.030s)
62. m4_toupper and m4_tolower (m4sugar.at:1352): ok     (0m0.087s 0m0.027s)
63. m4_bpatsubsts (m4sugar.at:1389): ok     (0m0.087s 0m0.030s)
64. m4_esyscmd_s (m4sugar.at:1418): ok     (0m0.097s 0m0.013s)
65. M4 loops (m4sugar.at:1446): ok     (0m0.400s 0m0.073s)
66. m4_map (m4sugar.at:1600): ok     (0m0.087s 0m0.027s)
67. m4_map_args and m4_curry (m4sugar.at:1675): ok     (0m0.260s 0m0.040s)
68. m4_combine (m4sugar.at:1747): ok     (0m0.107s 0m0.007s)
69. m4_max and m4_min (m4sugar.at:1774): ok     (0m0.267s 0m0.037s)
70. recursion (m4sugar.at:1853): ok     (0m2.537s 0m0.077s)
71. m4_set (m4sugar.at:1970): ok     (0m1.940s 0m0.063s)
72. __file__ and __line__ (m4sugar.at:2120): ok     (0m0.090s 0m0.023s)
73. No extra re-exec with CONFIG_SHELL (m4sh.at:24): ok (0m0.110s 0m0.010s)
74. Forced re-exec with CONFIG_SHELL (m4sh.at:42): ok (0m0.107s 0m0.023s) 75. Configure re-execs self with CONFIG_SHELL (m4sh.at:110): ok (0m0.173s 0m0.040s)
76. AS_WARN and AS_ERROR (m4sh.at:145): ok     (0m0.210s 0m0.043s)
77. LINENO (m4sh.at:210): ok     (0m0.347s 0m0.057s)
78. LINENO stack (m4sh.at:287): ok     (0m0.100s 0m0.027s)
79. AS_BOX (m4sh.at:316): ok     (0m0.107s 0m0.017s)
80. AS_BASENAME (m4sh.at:358): ok     (0m0.127s 0m0.023s)
81. AS_DIRNAME (m4sh.at:415): ok     (0m0.133s 0m0.027s)
82. AS_SET_CATFILE (m4sh.at:474): ok     (0m0.113s 0m0.017s)
83. AS_ECHO and AS_ECHO_N (m4sh.at:518): ok     (0m0.107s 0m0.020s)
84. AS_EXECUTABLE_P (m4sh.at:567): ok     (0m0.113s 0m0.013s)
85. AS_EXIT (m4sh.at:619): ok     (0m0.117s 0m0.033s)
86. AS_MKDIR_P (m4sh.at:668): ok     (0m0.113s 0m0.017s)
87. AS_VERSION_COMPARE (m4sh.at:700): ok     (0m0.103s 0m0.033s)
88. as_me (m4sh.at:746): ok     (0m0.100s 0m0.023s)
89. Negated classes in globbing (m4sh.at:770): ok     (0m0.097s 0m0.027s)
90. Null variable substitution (m4sh.at:798): ok     (0m0.103s 0m0.023s)
91. Functions Support (m4sh.at:864): ok     (0m0.113s 0m0.013s)
92. Functions and return Support (m4sh.at:906): ok     (0m0.097s 0m0.030s)
93. Nested AS_REQUIRE_SHELL_FN (m4sh.at:943): ok     (0m0.110s 0m0.017s)
94. Nested AS_REQUIRE (m4sh.at:976): ok     (0m0.103s 0m0.020s)
95. AS_REQUIRE_SHELL_FN and m4_require (m4sh.at:1014): ok (0m0.107s 0m0.020s)
96. AS_HELP_STRING (m4sh.at:1055): ok     (0m0.117s 0m0.013s)
97. AS_IF and AS_CASE (m4sh.at:1194): ok     (0m0.433s 0m0.030s)
98. AS_FOR (m4sh.at:1351): ok     (0m0.103s 0m0.023s)
99. AS_LITERAL_IF (m4sh.at:1419): ok     (0m0.110s 0m0.013s)
100. AS_TR_SH and AS_TR_CPP (m4sh.at:1497): ok     (0m0.103s 0m0.030s)
101. AS_VAR basics (m4sh.at:1582): ok     (0m0.100s 0m0.027s)
102. AS_VAR_APPEND (m4sh.at:1694): ok     (0m0.107s 0m0.017s)
103. AS_VAR_ARITH (m4sh.at:1729): ok     (0m0.110s 0m0.013s)
104. AS_INIT cleanup (m4sh.at:1760): ok     (0m0.087s 0m0.033s)
105. AS_INIT_GENERATED (m4sh.at:1797): ok     (0m0.263s 0m0.043s)
106. AS_MESSAGE_FD (m4sh.at:1871): ok     (0m0.117s 0m0.013s)
107. _AS_CLEAN_DIR (m4sh.at:1915): ok     (0m0.113s 0m0.013s)
108. ECHO_C (m4sh.at:1944): ok     (0m0.120s 0m0.017s)
109. AT_COPYRIGHT (autotest.at:144): ok     (0m0.137s 0m0.040s)
110. AT_DATA (autotest.at:165): ok     (0m0.193s 0m0.047s)
111. Empty test suite (autotest.at:186): ok     (0m0.180s 0m0.023s)
112. Banner-only test suite (autotest.at:190): ok     (0m0.187s 0m0.030s)
113. Empty test (autotest.at:196): ok     (0m0.177s 0m0.040s)
114. Empty check (autotest.at:199): ok     (0m0.173s 0m0.037s)
115. AT_SETUP without AT_INIT (autotest.at:202): ok     (0m0.093s 0m0.013s)
116. AT_BANNER without AT_INIT (autotest.at:208): ok     (0m0.087s 0m0.023s)
117. AT_CLEANUP without AT_INIT (autotest.at:212): ok (0m0.093s 0m0.020s)
118. Missing AT_CLEANUP (autotest.at:216): ok     (0m0.113s 0m0.010s)
119. AT_FAIL_IF without AT_SETUP (autotest.at:222): ok (0m0.107s 0m0.020s) 120. AT_SKIP_IF without AT_SETUP (autotest.at:227): ok (0m0.107s 0m0.023s)
121. AT_CHECK without AT_SETUP (autotest.at:232): ok     (0m0.103s 0m0.023s)
122. AT_DATA without AT_SETUP (autotest.at:237): ok     (0m0.107s 0m0.017s)
123. AT_XFAIL_IF without AT_SETUP (autotest.at:242): ok (0m0.113s 0m0.013s)
124. AT_KEYWORDS without AT_SETUP (autotest.at:247): ok (0m0.110s 0m0.017s)
125. AT_CLEANUP without AT_SETUP (autotest.at:252): ok (0m0.103s 0m0.023s)
126. AT_BANNER inside AT_SETUP (autotest.at:257): ok     (0m0.110s 0m0.017s)
127. AT_SETUP inside AT_SETUP (autotest.at:265): ok     (0m0.107s 0m0.020s)
128. Multiple AT_INIT (autotest.at:275): ok     (0m0.113s 0m0.013s)
129. Tested programs (autotest.at:281): ok     (0m0.367s 0m0.053s)
130. Startup error messages (autotest.at:291): ok     (0m0.193s 0m0.030s)
131. Truth (autotest.at:303): ok     (0m0.193s 0m0.037s)
132. Fallacy (autotest.at:306): ok     (0m0.183s 0m0.070s)
133. Skip (autotest.at:311): ok     (0m0.200s 0m0.023s)
134. Hard fail (autotest.at:316): ok     (0m0.213s 0m0.043s)
135. AT_FAIL_IF (autotest.at:326): ok     (0m0.197s 0m0.080s)
136. AT_SKIP_IF (autotest.at:346): ok     (0m0.187s 0m0.067s)
137. Syntax error (autotest.at:366): skipped (autotest.at:366)
138. errexit (autotest.at:385): ok     (0m0.293s 0m0.087s)
139. at_status (autotest.at:427): ok     (0m0.303s 0m0.093s)
140. AT_CHECK execution environment (autotest.at:453): ok (0m0.213s 0m0.027s)
141. unquoted output (autotest.at:472): ok     (0m0.193s 0m0.027s)
142. Trace output (autotest.at:479): ok     (0m0.167s 0m0.047s)
143. Logging (autotest.at:485): ok     (0m0.260s 0m0.133s)
144. Binary output (autotest.at:530): ok     (0m0.283s 0m0.113s)
145. Cleanup (autotest.at:572): ok     (0m0.357s 0m0.093s)
146. Literal multiline command (autotest.at:612): ok     (0m0.180s 0m0.033s)
147. Multiline parameter expansion (autotest.at:618): ok (0m0.177s 0m0.037s)
148. Backquote command substitution (autotest.at:625): ok (0m0.180s 0m0.040s) 149. Multiline backquote command substitution (autotest.at:630): ok (0m0.193s 0m0.030s) 150. Parenthetical command substitution (autotest.at:638): ok (0m0.167s 0m0.047s) 151. Multiline parenthetical command substitution (autotest.at:643): ok (0m0.173s 0m0.040s)
152. Shell comment in command (autotest.at:653): ok     (0m0.180s 0m0.040s)
153. Invalid brace-enclosed parameter expansion (autotest.at:667): ok (0m0.210s 0m0.037s) 154. Multiline command from M4 expansion (autotest.at:675): ok (0m0.177s 0m0.047s)
155. Double-M4-quoted command (autotest.at:682): ok     (0m0.200s 0m0.020s)
156. Metacharacters in command from M4 expansion (autotest.at:689): ok (0m0.207s 0m0.017s)
157. BS-newline in command (autotest.at:699): ok     (0m0.180s 0m0.037s)
158. ^BS-newline in command (autotest.at:704): ok     (0m0.193s 0m0.030s)
159. BSx641-newline in command (autotest.at:709): ok     (0m0.190s 0m0.033s)
160. BS-BS-newline in command (autotest.at:714): ok     (0m0.177s 0m0.047s)
161. BSx640-newline in command (autotest.at:722): ok     (0m0.197s 0m0.027s)
162. Newline-CODE-BS-newline in command (autotest.at:729): ok (0m0.167s 0m0.050s) 163. Single-quote-BS-newline in command (autotest.at:736): ok (0m0.187s 0m0.037s) 164. Single-quote-newline-BS-newline in command (autotest.at:742): ok (0m0.183s 0m0.037s)
165. Input from stdin (autotest.at:755): ok     (0m0.197s 0m0.040s)
166. Backquote in a test title (autotest.at:831): ok     (0m0.237s 0m0.077s)
167. Single-quote in a test title (autotest.at:832): ok (0m0.260s 0m0.050s)
168. Double-quote in a test title (autotest.at:833): ok (0m0.217s 0m0.097s)
169. Backslash in a test title (autotest.at:835): ok     (0m0.240s 0m0.057s)
170. Brackets in a test title (autotest.at:836): ok     (0m0.243s 0m0.067s)
171. Left bracket in a test title (autotest.at:837): ok (0m0.250s 0m0.057s)
172. Right bracket in a test title (autotest.at:838): ok (0m0.223s 0m0.070s)
173. Quoted pound in a test title (autotest.at:839): ok (0m0.243s 0m0.063s)
174. Pound in a test title (autotest.at:840): ok     (0m0.257s 0m0.050s)
175. Quoted comma in a test title (autotest.at:841): ok (0m0.257s 0m0.050s)
176. Comma in a test title (autotest.at:842): ok     (0m0.227s 0m0.083s)
177. Parentheses in a test title (autotest.at:844): ok (0m0.243s 0m0.067s) 178. Left paren in a test title (autotest.at:845): ok (0m0.237s 0m0.073s) 179. Right paren in a test title (autotest.at:846): ok (0m0.240s 0m0.060s)
180. Quoted Macro in a test title (autotest.at:848): ok (0m0.257s 0m0.057s)
181. Macro in a test title (autotest.at:849): ok     (0m0.230s 0m0.073s)
182. Macro with backquote in a test title (autotest.at:850): ok (0m0.240s 0m0.063s) 183. Macro with single-quote in a test title (autotest.at:851): ok (0m0.260s 0m0.050s) 184. Macro with double-quote in a test title (autotest.at:852): ok (0m0.233s 0m0.077s) 185. Macro with backslash in a test title (autotest.at:854): ok (0m0.250s 0m0.050s) 186. Macro echoing macro in a test title (autotest.at:855): ok (0m0.220s 0m0.087s) 187. Macro echoing single-quote in a test title (autotest.at:857): ok (0m0.257s 0m0.053s) 188. Long test title in a test title (autotest.at:858): ok (0m0.233s 0m0.080s) 189. Longer test title in a test title (autotest.at:859): ok (0m0.250s 0m0.057s)
190. Long test source lines (autotest.at:870): ok     (0m0.223s 0m0.040s)
191. Huge testsuite (autotest.at:884): ok     (0m1.013s 0m0.053s)
192. Debugging a successful test (autotest.at:896): ok (0m0.233s 0m0.100s) 193. Debugging script and environment (autotest.at:910): ok (0m0.277s 0m0.143s)
194. Debugging a failed test (autotest.at:927): ok     (0m0.260s 0m0.080s)
195. Using atlocal (autotest.at:938): ok     (0m0.360s 0m0.123s)
196. Choosing where testsuite is run (autotest.at:973): ok (0m0.293s 0m0.080s)
197. recheck (autotest.at:1008): ok     (0m0.420s 0m0.157s)
198. Banners (autotest.at:1056): ok     (0m0.650s 0m0.263s)
199. Keywords and ranges (autotest.at:1123): ok     (0m1.140s 0m0.530s)
200. Keyword wrapping (autotest.at:1226): ok     (0m0.153s 0m0.013s)
201. AT_ARG_OPTION (autotest.at:1255): ok     (0m0.467s 0m0.173s)
202. AT_ARG_OPTION_ARG (autotest.at:1304): ok     (0m0.487s 0m0.203s)
203. parallel test execution (autotest.at:1370): ok     (0m0.393s 0m0.180s)
204. parallel truth (autotest.at:1461): ok     (0m0.180s 0m0.040s)
205. parallel fallacy (autotest.at:1466): ok     (0m0.183s 0m0.057s)
206. parallel skip (autotest.at:1471): ok     (0m0.190s 0m0.030s)
207. parallel syntax error (autotest.at:1476): skipped (autotest.at:1476)
208. parallel errexit (autotest.at:1495): ok     (0m0.170s 0m0.047s)
209. parallel autotest and signal handling (autotest.at:1511): ok (0m0.397s 0m0.183s) 210. parallel args but non-working mkfifo (autotest.at:1630): ok (0m0.170s 0m0.067s)
211. colored test results (autotest.at:1652): ok     (0m0.460s 0m0.203s)
212. srcdir propagation (autotest.at:1741): ok     (0m0.753s 0m0.227s)
213. whitespace in absolute testdir (autotest.at:1819): ok (0m0.207s 0m0.053s)
214. unusual file names (autotest.at:1843): ok     (0m0.170s 0m0.020s)
215. Erlang Eunit unit tests (autotest.at:1873): ok     (0m1.333s 0m0.197s)
216. AC_REQUIRE: topological sort (base.at:28): ok     (0m0.103s 0m0.037s)
217. AC_REQUIRE: error message (base.at:72): ok     (0m0.107s 0m0.017s)
218. AC_REQUIRE & AC_DEFUN_ONCE: Require, expand (base.at:90): ok (0m0.123s 0m0.017s) 219. AC_REQUIRE & AC_DEFUN_ONCE: Expand, require (base.at:132): ok (0m0.120s 0m0.020s)
220. AC_REQUIRE & AC_PROVIDE (base.at:174): ok     (0m0.120s 0m0.017s)
221. AC_INIT (base.at:207): ok     (0m0.180s 0m0.030s)
222. AC_INIT with unusual version strings (base.at:226): ok (0m0.740s 0m0.103s)
223. AC_COPYRIGHT (base.at:291): ok     (0m0.167s 0m0.027s)
224. AC_CACHE_CHECK (base.at:322): skipped (base.at:488)
225. AC_CACHE_LOAD (base.at:513): ok     (0m0.207s 0m0.043s)
226. AC_COMPUTE_INT (base.at:539): ok     (0m0.337s 0m0.077s)
227. AC_TRY_COMMAND (base.at:561): ok     (0m0.190s 0m0.020s)
228. Input/Output (base.at:591): ok     (0m0.203s 0m0.040s)
229. configure arguments (base.at:609): ok     (0m0.207s 0m0.033s)
230. AC_ARG_ENABLE and AC_ARG_WITH (base.at:631): ok     (0m0.267s 0m0.040s)
231. configure directories (base.at:683): ok     (0m0.253s 0m0.033s)
232. AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS with empty commands (torture.at:26): ok (0m0.397s 0m0.110s) 233. AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS with temporary directory (torture.at:35): ok (0m0.437s 0m0.123s)
234. Multiple AC_CONFIG_FILES (torture.at:63): ok     (0m0.113s 0m0.030s)
235. Parameterized AC_CONFIG_FILES (torture.at:75): ok (0m0.227s 0m0.050s)
236. AC_ARG_VAR (torture.at:129): ok     (0m0.967s 0m0.390s)
237. AC_CONFIG_FILES, HEADERS, LINKS and COMMANDS (torture.at:186): ok (0m1.060s 0m0.477s) 238. Macro calls in AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS tags (torture.at:377): ok (0m0.210s 0m0.047s)
239. Missing templates (torture.at:397): ok     (0m0.267s 0m0.063s)
240. configure invocation (torture.at:439): ok     (0m0.767s 0m0.257s)
241. #define header templates (torture.at:503): ok     (0m0.247s 0m0.037s)
242. Torturing config.status (torture.at:637): ok     (0m0.670s 0m0.143s)
243. Substitute a 2000-byte string (torture.at:779): ok (0m0.327s 0m0.073s)
244. Define to a 2000-byte string (torture.at:857): ok (0m0.370s 0m0.070s) 245. Substitute and define special characters (torture.at:881): ok (0m0.487s 0m0.080s)
246. Substitute a newline (torture.at:988): ok     (0m0.267s 0m0.060s)
247. Define a newline (torture.at:1029): ok     (0m0.790s 0m0.090s)
248. AC_SUBST: variable name validation (torture.at:1074): ok (0m1.957s 0m0.320s)
249. datarootdir workaround (torture.at:1104): ok     (0m0.447s 0m0.077s)
250. srcdir (torture.at:1155): ok     (0m0.347s 0m0.067s)
251. VPATH (torture.at:1198): ok     (0m0.340s 0m0.107s)
252. Signal handling (torture.at:1284): ok     (0m0.193s 0m0.020s)
253. AC_CONFIG_LINKS (torture.at:1302): ok     (0m0.680s 0m0.237s)
254. AC_CONFIG_LINKS and identical files (torture.at:1356): ok (0m0.493s 0m0.163s) 255. Configuring subdirectories (torture.at:1429): ok (0m4.620s 0m0.737s)
256. Deep Package (torture.at:1562): ok     (0m4.233s 0m0.707s)
257. Non-Autoconf AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS (torture.at:1698): ok (0m1.020s 0m0.130s)
258. Non-literal AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS (torture.at:1740): ok (0m1.670s 0m0.223s)
259. Empty directory (torture.at:1791): ok     (0m0.343s 0m0.043s)
260. Unusual Automake input files (torture.at:1812): ok (0m1.460s 0m0.133s)
261. AC_LANG, AC_LANG_PUSH & AC_LANG_POP (compile.at:31): ok (0m0.160s 0m0.027s)
262. AC_REQUIRE & AC_LANG (compile.at:83): ok     (0m0.187s 0m0.027s)
263. AC_LANG_SOURCE (compile.at:119): ok     (0m0.330s 0m0.100s)
264. AC_LANG_SOURCE(C++) (compile.at:144): ok     (0m0.370s 0m0.130s)
265. AC_LANG_SOURCE example (compile.at:170): ok     (0m0.187s 0m0.030s)
266. AC_LANG_PROGRAM example (compile.at:215): ok     (0m0.170s 0m0.040s)
267. AC_COMPILE_IFELSE (compile.at:267): ok     (0m1.150s 0m0.250s)
268. AC_RUN_IFELSE (compile.at:310): ok     (0m0.383s 0m0.100s)
269. Order of user actions and cleanup (compile.at:344): ok (0m0.390s 0m0.203s)
270. AC_TRY_LINK_FUNC (compile.at:390): ok     (0m0.750s 0m0.210s)
271. Multiple languages (compile.at:400): ok     (0m1.533s 0m0.547s)
272. AC_NO_EXECUTABLES (aclang.at:13): ok     (0m0.430s 0m0.067s)
273. AC_REQUIRE_CPP (aclang.at:14): ok     (0m0.690s 0m0.167s)
274. Extensions (c.at:33): ok     (0m0.630s 0m0.187s)
275. Broken/missing compilers (c.at:56): ok     (0m0.210s 0m0.033s)
276. C keywords (c.at:75): ok     (0m0.720s 0m0.183s)
277. AC_PROG_CPP requires AC_PROG_CC (c.at:93): ok     (0m0.683s 0m0.197s)
278. AC_PROG_CPP with warnings (c.at:108): ok     (0m0.547s 0m0.127s)
279. AC_PROG_CPP without warnings (c.at:140): skipped (c.at:143)
280. AC_PROG_CPP via CC (c.at:180): skipped (c.at:183)
281. AC_NO_EXECUTABLES (working linker) (c.at:221): ok (0m0.727s 0m0.183s) 282. AC_NO_EXECUTABLES (broken linker) (c.at:231): ok (0m0.553s 0m0.077s)
283. AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS (c.at:242): ok     (0m1.510s 0m0.367s)
284. AC_C_RESTRICT and C++ (c.at:265): ok     (0m0.590s 0m0.147s)
285. AC_OPENMP and C (c.at:328): ok     (0m0.730s 0m0.187s)
286. AC_OPENMP and C++ (c.at:382): ok     (0m0.760s 0m0.173s)
287. AC_C_BACKSLASH_A (acc.at:13): ok     (0m0.667s 0m0.193s)
288. AC_C_BIGENDIAN (acc.at:14): ok     (0m0.850s 0m0.263s)
289. AC_C_CHAR_UNSIGNED (acc.at:15): ok     (0m0.847s 0m0.263s)
290. AC_C_FLEXIBLE_ARRAY_MEMBER (acc.at:16): ok     (0m0.667s 0m0.193s)
291. AC_C_INLINE (acc.at:17): ok     (0m0.687s 0m0.160s)
292. AC_C_PROTOTYPES (acc.at:18): ok     (0m0.680s 0m0.137s)
293. AC_C_RESTRICT (acc.at:19): ok     (0m0.640s 0m0.153s)
294. AC_C_STRINGIZE (acc.at:20): ok     (0m0.697s 0m0.190s)
295. AC_C_TYPEOF (acc.at:21): ok     (0m0.680s 0m0.173s)
296. AC_C_VARARRAYS (acc.at:22): ok     (0m0.647s 0m0.177s)
297. AC_OPENMP (acc.at:23): ok     (0m0.707s 0m0.163s)
298. AC_PROG_CC_C89 (acc.at:24): ok     (0m0.653s 0m0.160s)
299. AC_PROG_CC_C99 (acc.at:25): ok     (0m0.703s 0m0.213s)
300. AC_PROG_CC_C_O (acc.at:26): ok     (0m0.663s 0m0.167s)
301. AC_PROG_CC_STDC (acc.at:27): ok     (0m0.697s 0m0.173s)
302. AC_PROG_CPP_WERROR (acc.at:28): ok     (0m0.667s 0m0.187s)
303. AC_PROG_GCC_TRADITIONAL (acc.at:29): ok     (0m0.683s 0m0.200s)
304. AC_LANG_C (acc.at:32): ok     (0m1.470s 0m0.223s)
305. AC_LANG_CPLUSPLUS (acc.at:33): ok     (0m1.550s 0m0.147s)
306. AC_LANG_OBJC (acc.at:34): ok     (0m1.580s 0m0.123s)
307. GNU Fortran 77 (fortran.at:31): skipped (fortran.at:31)
308. GNU Fortran (fortran.at:61): skipped (fortran.at:61)
309. AC_OPENMP and Fortran 77 (fortran.at:84): skipped (fortran.at:114)
310. AC_OPENMP and Fortran (fortran.at:124): skipped (fortran.at:154)
311. AC_F77_DUMMY_MAIN usage (fortran.at:176): skipped (fortran.at:241)
312. AC_FC_DUMMY_MAIN usage (fortran.at:253): skipped (fortran.at:319)
313. AC_F77_MAIN usage (fortran.at:331): skipped (fortran.at:395)
314. AC_FC_MAIN usage (fortran.at:410): skipped (fortran.at:474)
315. AC_F77_FUNC usage (fortran.at:489): skipped (fortran.at:551)
316. AC_FC_FUNC usage (fortran.at:563): skipped (fortran.at:625)
317. AC_FC_SRCEXT usage (fortran.at:636): skipped (fortran.at:710)
318. AC_FC_PP_SRCEXT usage (fortran.at:721): skipped (fortran.at:810)
319. AC_FC_FREEFORM (fortran.at:821): skipped (fortran.at:846)
320. AC_FC_FREEFORM with AC_FC_SRCEXT (fortran.at:858): skipped (fortran.at:884)
321. AC_FC_FIXEDFORM (fortran.at:896): skipped (fortran.at:922)
322. AC_FC_FIXEDFORM with AC_FC_SRCEXT (fortran.at:934): skipped (fortran.at:961)
323. AC_FC_LINE_LENGTH (fortran.at:973): skipped (fortran.at:1025)
324. AC_FC_CHECK_BOUNDS (fortran.at:1041): skipped (fortran.at:1087)
325. AC_FC_MODULE_FLAG (fortran.at:1100): skipped (fortran.at:1155)
326. AC_F77_IMPLICIT_NONE (acfortran.at:13): skipped (acfortran.at:13)
327. AC_F77_MAIN (acfortran.at:14): skipped (acfortran.at:14)
328. AC_F77_WRAPPERS (acfortran.at:15): skipped (acfortran.at:15)
329. AC_FC_CHECK_BOUNDS (acfortran.at:16): skipped (acfortran.at:16)
330. AC_FC_FIXEDFORM (acfortran.at:17): skipped (acfortran.at:17)
331. AC_FC_FREEFORM (acfortran.at:18): skipped (acfortran.at:18)
332. AC_FC_IMPLICIT_NONE (acfortran.at:19): skipped (acfortran.at:19)
333. AC_FC_LINE_LENGTH (acfortran.at:20): skipped (acfortran.at:20)
334. AC_FC_MAIN (acfortran.at:21): skipped (acfortran.at:21)
335. AC_FC_MODULE_EXTENSION (acfortran.at:22): skipped (acfortran.at:22)
336. AC_FC_MODULE_FLAG (acfortran.at:23): skipped (acfortran.at:23)
337. AC_FC_MODULE_OUTPUT_FLAG (acfortran.at:24): skipped (acfortran.at:24)
338. AC_FC_PP_DEFINE (acfortran.at:25): skipped (acfortran.at:25)
339. AC_FC_WRAPPERS (acfortran.at:26): skipped (acfortran.at:26)
340. AC_PROG_F77_C_O (acfortran.at:27): skipped (acfortran.at:27)
341. AC_PROG_FC_C_O (acfortran.at:28): skipped (acfortran.at:28)
342. AC_F77_NAME_MANGLING (acfortran.at:31): ok     (0m1.520s 0m0.140s)
343. AC_LANG_FORTRAN77 (acfortran.at:32): ok     (0m1.500s 0m0.180s)
344. Erlang (erlang.at:30): ok     (0m1.470s 0m0.273s)
345. AC_ERLANG_CHECK_LIB (erlang.at:52): ok     (0m0.793s 0m0.133s)
346. AC_ERLANG_SUBST_ROOT_DIR (erlang.at:72): ok     (0m0.743s 0m0.163s)
347. AC_ERLANG_SUBST_LIB_DIR (erlang.at:89): ok     (0m0.773s 0m0.140s)
348. AC_ERLANG_SUBST_INSTALL_LIB_DIR (erlang.at:106): ok (0m0.450s 0m0.070s)
349. AC_ERLANG_SUBST_INSTALL_LIB_SUBDIR (erlang.at:114): ok (0m0.460s 0m0.063s)
350. AC_ERLANG_SUBST_ERTS_VER (erlang.at:128): ok     (0m0.743s 0m0.157s)
351. Go (go.at:30): skipped (go.at:30)
352. AC_LANG_GO (acgo.at:15): ok     (0m1.500s 0m0.190s)
353. AC_CHECK_LIB (semantics.at:33): ok     (0m0.923s 0m0.387s)
354. AC_SEARCH_LIBS (semantics.at:77): ok     (0m0.747s 0m0.207s)
355. AC_SEARCH_LIBS (none needed) (semantics.at:90): ok (0m0.670s 0m0.207s)
356. AC_CHECK_DECLS (semantics.at:105): ok     (0m0.833s 0m0.313s)
357. AC_CHECK_FUNCS (semantics.at:159): ok     (0m0.710s 0m0.183s)
358. AC_REPLACE_FUNCS (semantics.at:172): ok     (0m0.670s 0m0.190s)
359. AC_CHECK_HEADERS (semantics.at:213): ok     (0m1.010s 0m0.337s)
360. AC_CHECK_HEADERS (preprocessor test) (semantics.at:242): ok (0m0.513s 0m0.150s) 361. AC_CHECK_HEADERS (compiler test) (semantics.at:269): ok (0m0.517s 0m0.150s)
362. AC_CHECK_MEMBER (semantics.at:302): ok     (0m0.717s 0m0.217s)
363. AC_CHECK_MEMBERS (semantics.at:328): ok     (0m0.713s 0m0.210s)
364. AC_CHECK_ALIGNOF (semantics.at:343): ok     (0m0.967s 0m0.260s)
365. AC_CHECK_ALIGNOF (cross compile) (semantics.at:343): ok (0m1.027s 0m0.287s)
366. AC_CHECK_ALIGNOF struct (semantics.at:360): ok     (0m0.870s 0m0.293s)
367. AC_CHECK_ALIGNOF struct (cross compile) (semantics.at:360): ok (0m0.903s 0m0.283s)
368. AC_CHECK_SIZEOF (semantics.at:372): ok     (0m0.913s 0m0.297s)
369. AC_CHECK_SIZEOF (cross compile) (semantics.at:372): ok (0m0.983s 0m0.367s)
370. AC_CHECK_SIZEOF struct (semantics.at:388): ok     (0m1.070s 0m0.320s)
371. AC_CHECK_SIZEOF struct (cross compile) (semantics.at:388): ok (0m1.483s 0m0.580s)
372. AC_CHECK_TYPES (semantics.at:413): ok     (0m0.713s 0m0.237s)
373. AC_CHECK_TYPES: backward compatibility (semantics.at:427): ok (0m0.153s 0m0.043s)
374. AC_CHECK_FILES (semantics.at:463): ok     (0m0.433s 0m0.123s)
375. AC_CHECK_PROG & AC_CHECK_PROGS (semantics.at:506): ok (0m0.200s 0m0.027s)
376. AC_C_BIGENDIAN (semantics.at:555): ok     (0m1.450s 0m0.377s)
377. AC_PATH_PROG & AC_PATH_PROGS (semantics.at:604): ok (0m0.180s 0m0.033s)
378. AC_PATH_PROGS_FEATURE_CHECK (semantics.at:646): ok (0m0.200s 0m0.020s)
379. AC_PATH_XTRA (semantics.at:726): ok     (0m0.910s 0m0.327s)
380. AC_SYS_RESTARTABLE_SYSCALLS (semantics.at:744): ok (0m1.130s 0m0.463s)
381. AC_FUNC_SETVBUF_REVERSED (semantics.at:745): ok     (0m0.417s 0m0.100s)
382. AC_FUNC_WAIT3 (semantics.at:746): ok     (0m0.843s 0m0.273s)
383. AC_ARG_ENABLE (acgeneral.at:13): ok     (0m0.430s 0m0.120s)
384. AC_ARG_PROGRAM (acgeneral.at:14): ok     (0m0.420s 0m0.093s)
385. AC_ARG_WITH (acgeneral.at:15): ok     (0m0.407s 0m0.120s)
386. AC_CHECK_DECLS_ONCE (acgeneral.at:16): ok     (0m0.803s 0m0.260s)
387. AC_EGREP_CPP (acgeneral.at:17): ok     (0m0.730s 0m0.190s)
388. AC_EGREP_HEADER (acgeneral.at:18): ok     (0m0.690s 0m0.193s)
389. AC_LIBOBJ (acgeneral.at:19): ok     (0m0.447s 0m0.070s)
390. AC_LIBSOURCES (acgeneral.at:20): ok     (0m0.427s 0m0.070s)
391. AC_PREFIX_DEFAULT (acgeneral.at:21): ok     (0m0.447s 0m0.093s)
392. AC_CHECKING (acgeneral.at:24): ok     (0m1.537s 0m0.173s)
393. AC_COMPILE_CHECK (acgeneral.at:25): ok     (0m1.780s 0m0.303s)
394. AC_ENABLE (acgeneral.at:26): ok     (0m1.450s 0m0.207s)
395. AC_FOREACH (acgeneral.at:27): ok     (0m1.477s 0m0.207s)
396. AC_MSG_RESULT_UNQUOTED (acgeneral.at:28): ok     (0m1.567s 0m0.123s)
397. AC_TRY_COMPILE (acgeneral.at:29): ok     (0m1.740s 0m0.307s)
398. AC_TRY_CPP (acgeneral.at:30): ok     (0m1.847s 0m0.280s)
399. AC_TRY_LINK (acgeneral.at:31): ok     (0m1.840s 0m0.257s)
400. AC_TRY_RUN (acgeneral.at:32): ok     (0m1.800s 0m0.307s)
401. AC_VALIDATE_CACHED_SYSTEM_TUPLE (acgeneral.at:33): ok (0m1.503s 0m0.210s)
402. AC_WITH (acgeneral.at:34): ok     (0m1.500s 0m0.187s)
403. AC_OUTPUT_COMMANDS (acstatus.at:15): ok     (0m1.553s 0m0.157s)
404. AC_SYS_INTERPRETER (acspecific.at:13): ok     (0m0.433s 0m0.090s)
405. AC_SYS_LARGEFILE (acspecific.at:14): ok     (0m0.660s 0m0.200s)
406. AC_SYS_LONG_FILE_NAMES (acspecific.at:15): ok     (0m0.473s 0m0.060s)
407. AC_SYS_POSIX_TERMIOS (acspecific.at:16): ok     (0m0.690s 0m0.190s)
408. AC_AIX (acspecific.at:19): ok     (0m2.107s 0m0.403s)
409. AC_ARG_ARRAY (acspecific.at:20): ok     (0m1.493s 0m0.203s)
410. AC_DECL_SYS_SIGLIST (acspecific.at:21): ok     (0m1.747s 0m0.287s)
411. AC_DYNIX_SEQ (acspecific.at:22): ok     (0m1.823s 0m0.290s)
412. AC_HAVE_POUNDBANG (acspecific.at:23): ok     (0m1.547s 0m0.147s)
413. AC_IRIX_SUN (acspecific.at:24): ok     (0m1.867s 0m0.303s)
414. AC_ISC_POSIX (acspecific.at:25): ok     (0m1.803s 0m0.277s)
415. AC_MINIX (acspecific.at:26): ok     (0m2.123s 0m0.397s)
416. AC_SCO_INTL (acspecific.at:27): ok     (0m1.827s 0m0.330s)
417. AC_XENIX_DIR (acspecific.at:28): ok     (0m1.940s 0m0.317s)
418. AC_PROG_AWK (acprograms.at:13): ok     (0m0.440s 0m0.070s)
419. AC_PROG_FGREP (acprograms.at:14): ok     (0m0.450s 0m0.077s)
420. AC_PROG_INSTALL (acprograms.at:15): ok     (0m0.447s 0m0.090s)
421. AC_PROG_LEX (acprograms.at:16): ok     (0m1.397s 0m0.263s)
422. AC_PROG_LN_S (acprograms.at:17): ok     (0m0.420s 0m0.073s)
423. AC_PROG_MAKE_SET (acprograms.at:18): ok     (0m0.400s 0m0.043s)
424. AC_PROG_MKDIR_P (acprograms.at:19): ok     (0m0.457s 0m0.057s)
425. AC_PROG_RANLIB (acprograms.at:20): ok     (0m0.413s 0m0.113s)
426. AC_PROG_SED (acprograms.at:21): ok     (0m0.457s 0m0.063s)
427. AC_PROG_YACC (acprograms.at:22): ok     (0m0.433s 0m0.090s)
428. AC_CHECK_TOOL_PREFIX (acprograms.at:25): ok     (0m1.487s 0m0.193s)
429. AC_DECL_YYTEXT (acprograms.at:26): ok     (0m3.233s 0m0.360s)
430. AC_RSH (acprograms.at:27): ok     (0m1.547s 0m0.117s)
431. AC_CHECK_HEADERS_ONCE (acheaders.at:13): ok     (0m0.470s 0m0.057s)
432. AC_CHECK_HEADER_STDBOOL (acheaders.at:14): ok     (0m0.917s 0m0.253s)
433. AC_HEADER_ASSERT (acheaders.at:15): ok     (0m0.420s 0m0.080s)
434. AC_HEADER_MAJOR (acheaders.at:16): ok     (0m0.807s 0m0.263s)
435. AC_HEADER_RESOLV (acheaders.at:17): ok     (0m0.810s 0m0.240s)
436. AC_HEADER_STAT (acheaders.at:18): ok     (0m0.647s 0m0.203s)
437. AC_HEADER_STDBOOL (acheaders.at:19): ok     (0m0.793s 0m0.260s)
438. AC_HEADER_TIOCGWINSZ (acheaders.at:20): ok     (0m0.680s 0m0.223s)
439. AC_DIR_HEADER (acheaders.at:23): ok     (0m2.310s 0m0.527s)
440. AC_MEMORY_H (acheaders.at:24): ok     (0m2.063s 0m0.340s)
441. AC_UNISTD_H (acheaders.at:25): ok     (0m2.017s 0m0.377s)
442. AC_USG (acheaders.at:26): ok     (0m2.173s 0m0.377s)
443. AC_STRUCT_DIRENT_D_INO (actypes.at:13): ok     (0m0.750s 0m0.240s)
444. AC_STRUCT_DIRENT_D_TYPE (actypes.at:14): ok     (0m0.737s 0m0.230s)
445. AC_STRUCT_ST_BLOCKS (actypes.at:15): ok     (0m0.863s 0m0.177s)
446. AC_STRUCT_TIMEZONE (actypes.at:16): ok     (0m0.680s 0m0.200s)
447. AC_TYPE_INT16_T (actypes.at:17): ok     (0m0.887s 0m0.283s)
448. AC_TYPE_INT32_T (actypes.at:18): ok     (0m0.877s 0m0.263s)
449. AC_TYPE_INT64_T (actypes.at:19): ok     (0m0.907s 0m0.240s)
450. AC_TYPE_INT8_T (actypes.at:20): ok     (0m0.873s 0m0.263s)
451. AC_TYPE_INTMAX_T (actypes.at:21): ok     (0m1.027s 0m0.313s)
452. AC_TYPE_INTPTR_T (actypes.at:22): ok     (0m0.887s 0m0.240s)
453. AC_TYPE_LONG_DOUBLE (actypes.at:23): ok     (0m0.643s 0m0.140s)
454. AC_TYPE_LONG_DOUBLE_WIDER (actypes.at:24): ok     (0m0.673s 0m0.173s)
455. AC_TYPE_MODE_T (actypes.at:25): ok     (0m0.913s 0m0.257s)
456. AC_TYPE_OFF_T (actypes.at:26): ok     (0m0.880s 0m0.237s)
457. AC_TYPE_SSIZE_T (actypes.at:27): ok     (0m0.797s 0m0.253s)
458. AC_TYPE_UINT16_T (actypes.at:28): ok     (0m0.853s 0m0.223s)
459. AC_TYPE_UINT32_T (actypes.at:29): ok     (0m0.843s 0m0.243s)
460. AC_TYPE_UINT64_T (actypes.at:30): ok     (0m0.853s 0m0.233s)
461. AC_TYPE_UINT8_T (actypes.at:31): ok     (0m0.797s 0m0.270s)
462. AC_TYPE_UINTMAX_T (actypes.at:32): ok     (0m0.953s 0m0.337s)
463. AC_TYPE_UINTPTR_T (actypes.at:33): ok     (0m0.897s 0m0.260s)
464. AC_C_LONG_DOUBLE (actypes.at:36): ok     (0m1.793s 0m0.240s)
465. AC_INT_16_BITS (actypes.at:37): ok     (0m2.143s 0m0.393s)
466. AC_LONG_64_BITS (actypes.at:38): ok     (0m2.100s 0m0.380s)
467. AC_STRUCT_ST_BLKSIZE (actypes.at:39): ok     (0m2.037s 0m0.430s)
468. AC_STRUCT_ST_RDEV (actypes.at:40): ok     (0m2.053s 0m0.390s)
469. AC_TYPE_SIGNAL (actypes.at:41): ok     (0m1.707s 0m0.337s)
470. AM_TYPE_PTRDIFF_T (actypes.at:42): ok     (0m2.090s 0m0.380s)
471. AC_CHECK_FUNCS_ONCE (acfunctions.at:13): ok     (0m0.437s 0m0.063s)
472. AC_FUNC_CHOWN (acfunctions.at:14): ok     (0m0.917s 0m0.263s)
473. AC_FUNC_CLOSEDIR_VOID (acfunctions.at:15): ok     (0m0.860s 0m0.277s)
474. AC_FUNC_ERROR_AT_LINE (acfunctions.at:16): ok     (0m0.647s 0m0.223s)
475. AC_FUNC_FNMATCH (acfunctions.at:17): ok     (0m0.673s 0m0.210s)
476. AC_FUNC_FORK (acfunctions.at:18): ok     (0m1.040s 0m0.327s)
477. AC_FUNC_FSEEKO (acfunctions.at:19): ok     (0m0.707s 0m0.267s)
478. AC_FUNC_GETGROUPS (acfunctions.at:20): ok     (0m1.077s 0m0.330s)
479. AC_FUNC_GETMNTENT (acfunctions.at:21): ok     (0m0.653s 0m0.190s)
480. AC_FUNC_GETPGRP (acfunctions.at:22): ok     (0m0.850s 0m0.240s)
481. AC_FUNC_LSTAT (acfunctions.at:23): ok     (0m0.923s 0m0.233s)
482. AC_FUNC_MALLOC (acfunctions.at:24): ok     (0m0.850s 0m0.220s)
483. AC_FUNC_MBRTOWC (acfunctions.at:25): ok     (0m0.707s 0m0.163s)
484. AC_FUNC_MEMCMP (acfunctions.at:26): ok     (0m0.867s 0m0.233s)
485. AC_FUNC_MKTIME (acfunctions.at:27): ok     (0m1.077s 0m0.297s)
486. AC_FUNC_MMAP (acfunctions.at:28): ok     (0m0.937s 0m0.257s)
487. AC_FUNC_OBSTACK (acfunctions.at:29): ok     (0m0.853s 0m0.210s)
488. AC_FUNC_REALLOC (acfunctions.at:30): ok     (0m0.867s 0m0.207s)
489. AC_FUNC_SELECT_ARGTYPES (acfunctions.at:31): ok     (0m0.940s 0m0.303s)
490. AC_FUNC_SETPGRP (acfunctions.at:32): ok     (0m0.793s 0m0.247s)
491. AC_FUNC_STAT (acfunctions.at:33): ok     (0m0.927s 0m0.217s)
492. AC_FUNC_STRCOLL (acfunctions.at:34): ok     (0m0.857s 0m0.247s)
493. AC_FUNC_STRERROR_R (acfunctions.at:35): ok     (0m0.887s 0m0.290s)
494. AC_FUNC_STRFTIME (acfunctions.at:36): ok     (0m0.707s 0m0.177s)
495. AC_FUNC_STRNLEN (acfunctions.at:37): ok     (0m0.953s 0m0.257s)
496. AC_FUNC_STRTOD (acfunctions.at:38): ok     (0m0.847s 0m0.210s)
497. AC_FUNC_STRTOLD (acfunctions.at:39): ok     (0m0.703s 0m0.150s)
498. AC_FUNC_UTIME_NULL (acfunctions.at:40): ok     (0m0.877s 0m0.273s)
499. AC_FUNC_VPRINTF (acfunctions.at:41): ok     (0m0.690s 0m0.220s)
500. AC_HAVE_LIBRARY (aclibs.at:15): ok     (0m1.787s 0m0.230s)
501. Libtool (foreign.at:25): ok     (0m0.947s 0m0.240s)
502. shtool (foreign.at:92): ok     (0m0.307s 0m0.050s)
503. autoscan (autoscan.at:20): ok     (0m0.220s 0m0.030s)
testsuite: ending at: Tue Jul  2 17:16:43 CEST 2013
testsuite: test suite duration: 0h 11m 29s

## ------------- ##
## Test results. ##
## ------------- ##

461 tests behaved as expected.
42 tests were skipped.
---[end: testsuite.log]---

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