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CRLF vs. LF and config.status defines

From: Karl Berry
Subject: CRLF vs. LF and config.status defines
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2015 00:29:49 GMT

Hi everyone - Graham (cc'd) checked out the TeX Live source code on a
Windows system, using a mingw64 and msys environment.  The autoconf
files were generated with (the original, unpatched) autoconf 2.69.

The TL configure failed, because the defines[.awk] file created by
config.status has a match against $ (line 52):

/^[\t ]*#[\t ]*(define|undef)[\t 
 (]|$)/ {

The relevant files had CRLF line endings, thus the regexp did not match
(the \r breaks it, since awk is evidently treating it as a normal
character instead of part of the "line ending"/"end of string"/whatever).
So nothing got substituted.

We can work around the problem by forcing the TL configuration to force
the *.in files to have LF line endings.  That's easy.

But my question is, is this behavior intentional?  I.e., autoconf is not
supported on CRLF filesystems, or maybe in some "mixed mode" case if
that's what's going on with Graham?  (Not that I care myself how well or
poorly Windows is supported, but it seemed unlikely, so just to report

I couldn't find info about this in the (current) manual ... if I didn't
miss it, maybe something would be worth adding, whatever the answer is. -k

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