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Re: Bug with AC_C_RESTRICT on non-GNU-C compiler when using GLIBC

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Bug with AC_C_RESTRICT on non-GNU-C compiler when using GLIBC
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2016 23:09:49 -0800
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Dwight Guth wrote:
We use GLIBC's header files, but we
do not define the __GNUC__ macro.

Ah, in that case there's a simple solution: your compiler should define __GNUC__. That's what Clang does.

we could define __restrict as a
keyword equivalent to restrict. In fact that is probably what I am going to
have to do if we can't come to some kind of consensus here.

Even if we came to a consensus, it would take years for the fixes to propagate everywhere and in the meantime your compiler's users would have problems. So really, it needs to support __restrict and define __GNUC__, like Clang does.

This is
also consistent with the fact that the documentation generated in config.h
for AC_C_RESTRICT says "Do not define if restrict is supported directly."
(although this documentation seems inconsistent with the online
documentation, which correctly explains the current behavior).

Yes, that's a typo in that comment. It should say "supported only directly".

Anyway, does the attached hacky patch fix the problem?

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