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New feature in AC_PROG_CHECK

From: Mohammad Akhlaghi
Subject: New feature in AC_PROG_CHECK
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 17:19:42 +0100
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Hi Autoconf maintainers,

In the `configure.ac' of GNU Astronomy Utilities (Gnuastro), I need to check if `libtool' is present on the system or not (independent of the libtool that is shipped with Gnuastro and is used for its internal building) [P.S1]. Therefore, I use

AC_CHECK_PROG(has_libtool, libtool, [yes], [no])

Recently a user reported that while they didn't have libtool on their system, this test had passed. From `config.log', I could see that it had found (`.//libtool'). Upon further investigation, I found out that it was because his PATH included the current directory and for some reason, it was finding Gnuastro's internally built Libtool [P.S2].

So I updated the command above to this:

AC_CHECK_PROG(has_libtool, libtool, [yes], [no], , .//libtool)

But today, another user reported a similar problem and when I looked at their `config.log' I found out that on that system, it had found `./libtool'! So I changed the command to this:

AC_CHECK_PROG(has_libtool, libtool, [yes], [no], , .//libtool ./libtool)

But looking at the configure script, I noticed that the last argument to AC_CHECK_PROG must only be a single file, not multiple. The only solution that I have come up with so far is call it two times like below.

AC_CHECK_PROG(has_libtool, libtool, [yes], [no], , ./libtool)
AC_CHECK_PROG(has_libtool, libtool, [yes], [no], , .//libtool)

I wanted to consult you on the best way forward.

I also wanted to see if it would be possible to allow the last argument to AC_CHECK_PROG to accept multiple file names, not just one? In this way, a form like my first try would work and it would also be much more efficient.

Thank you very much,

P.S1. Libtool is necessary for one of Gnuastro's programs to work: BuildProgram (see link below). After installation, it uses the user's system's libtool to fix complications with include file and library directories. The description is given here:


P.S2. Gnuastro does come with its own implementation of libtool (built from `libtool.m4). But it is strange that the configure script has found libtool in the current directory. Because at least on my system, the configure script builds `libtool' from `libtool.m4' after all the checks not before it. But any way, this is besides the main point here.

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