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Re: m4 check for OpenSSL does not consider multi-arch setups

From: Mike Frysinger
Subject: Re: m4 check for OpenSSL does not consider multi-arch setups
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2018 01:46:49 -0500

On 21 Oct 2017 01:18, cheako wrote:
> Mike Frysinger wrote
> > however, i think this m4 should just be punted.  you should update your
> > code to use the pkg-config files that openssl now provides.
> I disagree, this m4 and others like it standardize the use of thee libraries
> outside of system installations.  For example if one wanted to test against
> a source tree of openssl.  If every project implemented "–with-openssl"
> there may be differences in the implementation and/or spelling that would
> cause users having to re-learn how to ./configure for a given project.
> I think it's important to standardize the way openssl is found and activated
> across most projects.

it is standardized via pkg-config.  or are you suggesting every single open
source library out there get a m4 macro thrown into autoconf-archive just so
people can do their own weird non-standard things ?

pkg-config makes all of that go away.  install your local stuff into a local
tree, point pkg-config at that path, and it all just works.

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