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Possible bug in 'ln -s target dir' check code --

From: Townsend, Paul
Subject: Possible bug in 'ln -s target dir' check code --
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2019 23:04:34 +0000

I am probably incorrectly interpreting the autoconf code that checks whether or 
not 'ln -s target dir' works.  It seems the check code is satisfied if

  mkdir a

  touch b

  ln -s b a

works without aborting.  On Ubuntu this does create a 'b' symlink in 'a' but 
that symlink is an infinite a/b->a/b.  In fact I think the only way to succeed 
is to use

  ln -s $PWD/b a

i.e., the ln app should be a heck of a lot smarter.

--  Thanks,

--    Paul Townsend

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