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Re: Cache variable name for AC_CHECK_LIBS

From: Bert Wesarg
Subject: Re: Cache variable name for AC_CHECK_LIBS
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2019 12:27:36 +0100

No reaction since 3.5 years. Bug still persists.

On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 8:48 PM Bert Wesarg <address@hidden> wrote:
> Dear Autotconf developers,
> I just realized, that the cache variable name for AC_CHECK_LIBS does
> not conform to the documented one if AS_LITERAL_WORD_IF fails for the
> library name. I.e., One uses AC_CHECK_LIBS with a variable name for
> its first argument:
> libname=foo
> AC_CHECK_LIBS([$libname], [init_foo])
> The full part in AC_CHECK_LIBS is this:
>           [AS_VAR_PUSHDEF([ac_Lib], [ac_cv_lib_$1_$2])],
>           [AS_VAR_PUSHDEF([ac_Lib], [ac_cv_lib_$1''_$2])])dnl
> The second AS_VAR_PUSHDEF now expands to this:
> as_ac_Lib=`$as_echo "ac_cv_lib_$libname''_init_foo" | $as_tr_sh`
> Which results in the value of $as_ac_Lib
> ac_cv_lib_foo___init_foo
> Though the expected and documented variable name is
> ac_cv_lib_foo_init_foo
> The reason for the different name is the use of the two single-quotes
> in the AS_VAR_PUSHDEF call, which is there to ensure, that the passed
> '$lib' value stopped before the '_'. But as the whole variable is
> passed in double-quotes to '$as_echo' the two single-quotes survive
> the echo and will than be translated to underscores by '$as_tr_sh'.
> Any advice on how to fix this in Autoconf?
> Best,
> Bert

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