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Re: AC_PACKAGE_VERSION visibility slightly changed in autoconf-2.69c. Bu

From: Nick Bowler
Subject: Re: AC_PACKAGE_VERSION visibility slightly changed in autoconf-2.69c. Bug or feature?
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2020 16:57:16 -0400


On 2020-10-20, Sergei Trofimovich <slyfox@gentoo.org> wrote:
> Initial bug is reported as autoconf failure on ghc-8.8.4:
>     https://bugs.gentoo.org/750191
> There autconf 2.69 works, 2.69c does not.

Note: the change you report is introduced by Zack's fix for related
AC_INIT quoting regressions.  This patch is not included in 2.69c (or
even on git master), but does seem to be applied by the Gentoo package.

The 2.69c release version seems to handle the example fine.

> Here is the minimal example:
> OK:
>   $ cat configure.ac
>   AC_INIT([The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System], [9.1.0],
> [glasgow-haskell-bugs@haskell.org], [ghc-AC_PACKAGE_VERSION])
>   $ autoconf-2.69
>   $ ./configure
>   9.1.0
>   configure: creating ./config.status
> BAD:
>   $ autoconf-2.70_beta2
>   configure.ac:1: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_PACKAGE_VERSION
>       If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.
>       See the Autoconf documentation.

Yes I think now Zack's underquotation fixes have added the opposite
problem.  There is now too much quotation so the tarname (and other
arguments) are not fully expanded when used.

At least these changes should probably be simply dropped from the patch
or at least they perhaps need more consideration...

@@ -436,18 +427,12 @@ AC_SUBST([SHELL])dnl

 # Identity of this package.
-        [m4_ifdef([AC_PACKAGE_NAME],      ['AC_PACKAGE_NAME'])])dnl
-        [m4_ifdef([AC_PACKAGE_TARNAME],   ['AC_PACKAGE_TARNAME'])])dnl
-        [m4_ifdef([AC_PACKAGE_VERSION],   ['AC_PACKAGE_VERSION'])])dnl
-        [m4_ifdef([AC_PACKAGE_STRING],    ['AC_PACKAGE_STRING'])])dnl
-        [m4_ifdef([AC_PACKAGE_BUGREPORT], ['AC_PACKAGE_BUGREPORT'])])dnl
-        [m4_ifdef([AC_PACKAGE_URL],       ['AC_PACKAGE_URL'])])dnl
+AC_SUBST([PACKAGE_NAME],      ['m4_defn([AC_PACKAGE_NAME])'])dnl
+AC_SUBST([PACKAGE_URL],       ['m4_defn([AC_PACKAGE_URL])'])dnl

@@ -1099,9 +1084,8 @@ Fine tuning of the installation directories:
   --infodir=DIR           info documentation [DATAROOTDIR/info]
   --localedir=DIR         locale-dependent data [DATAROOTDIR/locale]
   --mandir=DIR            man documentation [DATAROOTDIR/man]
-  [documentation root ]@<:@DATAROOTDIR/doc/m4_ifset([AC_PACKAGE_TARNAME],
+  --docdir=DIR            documentation root @<:@DATAROOTDIR/doc/]dnl
+m4_default_quoted(m4_defn([AC_PACKAGE_TARNAME]), [PACKAGE])[@:>@
   --htmldir=DIR           html documentation [DOCDIR]
   --dvidir=DIR            dvi documentation [DOCDIR]
   --pdfdir=DIR            pdf documentation [DOCDIR]

If you drop those two hunks from Zack's patch the example should work again.


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