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realpath fails on MacOS 11.1 (big sur), with bugfix

From: Michael Labbé
Subject: realpath fails on MacOS 11.1 (big sur), with bugfix
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2021 08:00:43 -0800

realpath() is failing to compile for me on MacOS 11.1 on an Apple M1 Mac.  I 
encountered this when building GNU Global Tags from the most recent source 
archive at global-6.6.5.tar.gz <http://tamacom.com/global/global-6.6.5.tar.gz>. 

This is due to an error because realpath cannot be found. The fix is to modify 
configure to include stdlib.h.

Line 14291 of configure on global-6.6.5:

main(){ (void)realpath("/./tmp", (void *)0); return 0; }
Insert one line before that:

main(){ (void)realpath("/./tmp", (void *)0); return 0; }
configure now succeeds.

The Brew folks and the Global Tags folks told me to report the bug here.

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