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[sr #110660] AC_LANG_INT_SAVE (used by AC_CHECK_SIZEOF) includes stdlib.

From: Alain Knaff
Subject: [sr #110660] AC_LANG_INT_SAVE (used by AC_CHECK_SIZEOF) includes stdlib.h without checking whether it actually exists
Date: Tue, 17 May 2022 16:19:11 -0400 (EDT)

Follow-up Comment #2, sr #110660 (project autoconf):

[comment #1 comment #1:]
> You've been filing all of these bugs -- exactly which version of Autoconf
are you using to generate the configure scripts that show these bugs?

I'm using 2.69-14, currently included with Debian 11.

>  Some of the things you have said (e.g. talking about configure.in instead
of configure.ac) suggest that you are using a *very old* version of Autoconf.

Indeed, I just noticed that this is 10 years old, and that there have been 2
new releases last year.

Sorry for not having noticed that earlier.

I'll continue my tests with the new version... Don't expect fast updates to my
other bugs though, as a full run of configure takes between 2 and 3 hours... 

> The code generated for AC_CHECK_SIZEOF, in current versions of autoconf, is
completely different from the code you quoted, and does not make any use of
either stdio.h or stdlib.h, so the bug seems moot to me.
> (N.B. Current versions of autoconf do not support pre-C89 compilers. 
However, the bug report is abstractly valid anyway, because a "freestanding"
C89 compiler doesn't have to provide stdio.h and stdlib.h.)

The compiler included with the UnixPC image I'm using is gcc 2.5.8 if that
UnixPC also has a "native" cc compiler, but that one is unusable for the
purpose as it is Kernighan&Ritchie syntax (no types in prototype)


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