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autoreconf --force seemingly does not forcibly update everything

From: Guillem Jover
Subject: autoreconf --force seemingly does not forcibly update everything
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2024 23:51:36 +0200


While analyzing the recent xz backdoor hook into the build system [A],
I noticed that one of the aspects why the hook worked was because it
seems like Ā«autoreconf -f -iĀ» (that is run in Debian as part of
dh-autoreconf via dh) still seems to take the serial into account,
which was bumped in the tampered .m4 file. If either the gettext.m4
had gotten downgraded (to the version currently in Debian, which would
not have pulled the tampered build-to-host.m4), or once Debian upgrades
gettext, the build-to-host.m4 would get downgraded to the upstream
clean version, then the hook would have been disabled and the backdoor
would be inert. (Of course at that point the malicious actor would
have found another way to hook into the build system, but the less
avenues there are the better.)

I've tried to search the list and checked for old bug reports on the
debbugs.gnu.org site, but didn't notice anything. To me this looks like
a very unexpected behavior, but it's not clear whether this is intentional
or a bug. In any case regardless of either position, it would be good to
improve this (either by fixing --force to force things even if
downgrading, or otherwise perhaps to add a new option to really force

[A] <https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2024/03/msg00367.html>
    Longish mail, search for "try to go in detail" for the analysis.


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