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[Bug-bash] Completion in bash

From: kjordan
Subject: [Bug-bash] Completion in bash
Date: 14 Sep 2000 23:26:51 -0600


   I don't like the way bash completes things for me and I want to
change it.  I went through the info and man pages but I still couldn't
figure it out.

   Here's how my completion works now: Let's use filename completion
as an example and let's assume I have the files `foo.bar.1',
`foo.bar.2', `foo.bar.3', and `foo.bar.4' in the working directory,
along with a bunch of other files that do not begin with `foo'.  Now,
when I type `ls foo<TAB>' at the command prompt, the shell prints out
a list of all possible file completions (so, four file names in this
case), and then the command prompt has `ls foo.bar.' and waits for me
to finish.  I want to change this behaviour but I don't know how.

   I want completion to work the way my emacs completion works.
Here's what I mean: After I type `ls foo<TAB>' I don't want the shell
to print out all possible completions.  Instead, I just want the shell
to expand the command to `ls foo.bar.' and wait for further input.
Then, if I hit <TAB> once more, *then* I want to be presented with all
possible completions.  See what I mean?  I want completion to expand
without presenting all possibilities whenever it can unambiguously do
so, and to present possibilities only when it can't unambiguously
complete on its own.

Thanks for any help (and aoplogies if this isn't the correct group),


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