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Re: how do I split variables?

From: Lack Mr G M
Subject: Re: how do I split variables?
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 16:44:05 BST

In article <address@hidden>, "Kjeld Peters" <address@hidden> writes:
|> I'm having some trouble with a script:
|> $FILE (contains recvq/fax00044.tif, for example. the number rises by 1,
|> everytime a fax is             recieved)
|> I want to change the value of $FILE(recvq/fax00044.tif) to
|> recvq/someuser/fax00044.tif.....
|> Since there is no way to change $FILE's value, there must be some special
|> wordsplit function or so........

   Why is there no way to change $FILEs values?

   $FILE =~ s|(/fax\d+\.tif)$|/someuser$1|;

ie: change /faxnnnn.tif to /someuser + what_was_matched, making sure you
match at end of line (or string).

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