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Bash 2.04 Installation question

From: Tony C
Subject: Bash 2.04 Installation question
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 19:17:37 GMT


After running ./configure


and make install

I was surprized to find out that the new executable was not installed.

After rebooting I typed bash -version, only to find the old version of bash
still running.

The INSTALL file included with the source distribution reads as follows

"Type make 'install' to install 'bash' and 'bashbug' . This will also
install the manual pages and Info file.

The man pages look like the old man page for bash 1.???

This INSTALL file gives me the impression everything will be installed afer
typing make install.
Am I wrong ?

I did not see any errors during the compilation.

Would anyone care to commnet on what may have gone wrong ?


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