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From: WatchDog
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2000 14:43:21 GMT

"Mommy whats a SCAG?"

See www.GreatParents.com for the COMPLETE TEXT.

Uses of Internet Pornography for Mass Extortion.

        How the extreme left and right in America are 
        destroying you and your children!

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additional information there.

In the "brick and mortar" days of extortion the extortionist was 
met with great challenge attempting to discover those individuals 
or families in a community who were involved in compromising 
behavior. With the advent of listening devices this process 
became somewhat easier but the extortionist was still left 
looking for a needle in a haystack when deciding which 
individuals to target in a community. 

Then, along came the Internet with widely available 
pornography providing economic boom times for the 
extortionist. Now instead of going from home to home in a 'hit-
and-miss' fashion to find victims they now simply sit on the 
Internet and watch the traffic go by. When they see someone 
downloading compromising material they can target that 
individual with the 'honey-pot' of their desire. 

The ramifications of this new 'e-extortion' are tremendous and in 
my view threaten our very culture. In the past the logistic 
difficulty of finding victims acted as a natural governor to the 
number of people who could be enslaved by acting on their 
desires. But, if this natural restrictive barrier were ever to be 
broken it would create secret sub-societies containing vast 
numbers of compromised individuals, who, driven by guilt and 
fear of exposure, would obey orders in a zombie-like fashion. 
Guided by the heavy hand of the new "super-extortionist" they 
could secretly destroy lives, take over businesses, and 
manipulate whole political parties. This new organized crime 
would penetrate so deep into our society that no level of 
government, local, state, or national would be able to do 
anything about it without the support of a massive popular 

I believe that this process is occurring right under our noses 
today. The degree to which our very society is threatened is 
unclear since no one is talking. A terrible irony is that the some 
of the people who loudly proclaim themselves the guardians of 
our moral culture and those who declare themselves the 
guardians of children are the very people who use, or benefit 
from, these tactics most. 

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