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Re: filename completion suggestions

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: filename completion suggestions
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 02:30:28 +0800

> > when one hits TAB and is presented with the '200 etc.
> possibilities show all y
> > or n' question,
> > one should be able to hit another TAB to see them all, and not
> have to be forced
> > to
> > use y.
> The prompt is only presented if you exceed the default limit of 100
> possible completions.  You can set the readline variable
> `completion-query-items' to a larger value.
> Set the readline variable `show-all-if-ambiguous' to `on' to have
> readline list the possible completions immediately.

I'm saying I want a second tab to be an equivalent to a 'y' in the default

> > environment variables could optionally be part of expansion candidates
> > LS_<TAB>  should expand to LS_COLORS=
> Bash has a variable completion function bound to M-$ in emacs mode.

[grasping for questions to show that I'm smart:] Ok, but what if one wants
TAB to do both jobs?
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