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Suggestion: elapsed time

From: Mathias Körber
Subject: Suggestion: elapsed time
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2000 09:42:02 +0800

I would love to see a prompt-variable (\e?) that shows the
time elapsed between start of execution of a command until the
shell prints the next prompt.

yes, time(1) and friends can be used for this, but I would like to
continuously record this, and the most convenient place would be in
PS1. The way I see this work:
Just before turning its attention to the execution of whatever command
was entered (ie before an exec(2), or if it's done internally some
other convenient point), it should record the time, and
retrieve that info and print the difference right after the
interactive session takes over again. For amp'd-off (&) commands,
this would just record the time it took to spawn the subshell.

In my view it should not record the time user's idle time, but only
start counting after ENTER is pressed.

Resolution should be in milliseconds or better.

I would also lov a a more concise date-format for \d (YYYYMMDD).


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