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withdrawing membership from BUG-BASH due to porn spamming

From: John Lopez
Subject: withdrawing membership from BUG-BASH due to porn spamming
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 10:41:01 -0500

Dear bug-bash members,

it is with regret that I must withdraw my membership from address@hidden 
mailing list and support network. I hope that the time that I have been a 
member that I have contributed in assisting members and inquirers solve 
problems and attain solutions. Many of you have done much more, and I hold you 
in high esteem for your intelligence, cooperation, and generosity.

However, address@hidden is becoming the target of increasing web based 
marketing. The ubiquitous and cooperative spirit of the Internet is being 
compromised by opurtunists. The paradigm set forth by the Free Software 
Foundation is itself being threatened within it's ranks by profiteers who are 
using the mechanisms that the FSF has set up to promote an environment for the 
advancement of cooperative software development for the benefit of all, to 
access a group of individuals that was never intended to exist as a market.

Further, rather than  providing value to persons within the community, we are 
recieving emails (many of us at work locations where such interactions would be 
considered grounds for dismissal)  from filth vendors who are attempting to 
turn the Internet into a global house of prostitution. While I am not for 
censorship, the degredation that is provided by "porn vendors" feed the sickest 
persons in society with the motivation that they need to prey on our families 
and particularly children. While legitimate pursuits require Internet 
resources, such filth vendors consume massive amounts of bandwidth in delievery 
of that which degrades our best purposes and consumes our best resources.

I would ask that the FSF and other such organizations consider a means of 
filtering such unwanted spam of unwanted marketing to their members before such 
demeans the original paradigm and mission of the organization. If you are in 
agreement, please communicate such to them.

Thank you

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