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Problem in installing Gnats s/w

From: Rajendra
Subject: Problem in installing Gnats s/w
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 17:35:15 +0530

             i need help from u ..if u can .i have tried to install gnats
bug tracking system on my system .now i am facing problem in installing the
demons. Demons are not getting started. we have put entries in services and
inetd.conf .
            when we are trying to start the service through gnatsd . we are
getting the error message "520 you are not on the host access list:stdin
            I had put host in gnatsd.conf & checked gnatsd.access also but
above error message still occur.

            i had given following parameter whenever execute the configure
at shell prompt i.e. #./configure

          ./configure    --with-full-gnats
                             --with-gnats-root =
                             --with-gnats-server = gnats.com
                             --with-gnats-service = gnats
                             --with-gnats-user = gnats
                             --with-gnats-port = 1529

Note:  i am also attaching gnatsd.conf,gnatsd.access and inetd.conf  file
for ur help to understand the whole issue.

i am very thankful if u give ur valuable suggestion.

with thanx & regards

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