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Bash and multibyte characters

From: Michael C . Wu
Subject: Bash and multibyte characters
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2000 17:51:23 -0600
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Hello bash users:

Regarding multibyte character support, here is a feature suggestion:
Say we have two-byte characters (commonly used in Chinese/Japanese/
Korean) AA, BB, XX, and YY

The correct behavior when I have the following text:

and I push "backspace" once
The result would be:

But bash does this:

And we have to push the delete button again, same incorrect behavior
happens with arrow keys, ^W and etc.

Basically, bash needs to be taught about multibyte characters.
Would you mind modifying bash behavior to respect an environmental
shell variable that toggles this as well as the functionality?

Merry Christmas and thanks,

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| http://peorth.iteration.net/~keichii | Yes, BSD is a conspiracy. |

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