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Attn: Sales Manager

From: Bernard Hartken
Subject: Attn: Sales Manager
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 14:40:24 -0400

Attn: Sales Manager
If you are outsourcing or need to expand your sales force for the short term or 
long term contract, TeleXpand 
will create a tailored campaign to guarantee you and your product success.

We are an established, full service call center with a completely trained staff 
of 70 plus salespeople with a 
proven track record to close sales for your product or service.

We currently market over $1 million dollars per month in closed sales for one 
of the largest companies in the 
Washington D.C. area,  scheduling approximately 300 appointments per 
week...again, these are closed sales! 

We service ALL industries who would be interested in a telemarketing campaign 
of any size! 
Our prices are very competitive. 

Let's talk... 

Bernard Hartken
General Manager

Visit us at http://www.telexpand.bigstep.com

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