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Solaris 2.6+ <rsh cmd> doesn't source .bashrc

From: brett
Subject: Solaris 2.6+ <rsh cmd> doesn't source .bashrc
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 11:27:12 -0500 (CDT)

Configuration Information [Automatically generated, do not change]:
Machine: sparc
OS: SunOS5
Compiler: gcc
uname output: SunOS penguins 5.5.1 Generic_105428-01 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-5_10

Bash Version: 1.14
Patch Level: 5

        I have a user who has /usr/local/bin/bash (compiled on a
        Solaris 2.4 machine) as his login shell.  He has been using it
        successfully to remotely execute single commands, as in "rsh
        validate," on Solaris 2.5 machines.  However, on Solaris 2.6
        or above, using rsh in this fashion doesn't source his .bashrc
        file, so his PATH isn't set up correctly.  When using rlogin,
        or rsh as rlogin, .bashrc is sourced, and everything is fine.
        He also has no problem rsh'ing to Solaris 2.6 machines which
        have bash version 2.04 installed.  I browsed through the
        changelog, and found brief references to "improved" detection
        of rsh on Solaris.  Is this the problem I am seeing?  Will
        upgrading to 2.04 or above fix the problem?  Should I instead
        recompile bash 1.14.5 for Solaris 2.6?

        Place "echo at top" at the top of .bashrc
        Use bash as your login shell
        % rsh solaris-2.6-host echo junk
        Observe that "at top" is not printed.

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