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Re: & with TeX format

From: Francis Montagnac
Subject: Re: & with TeX format
Date: 24 Apr 2001 08:14:10 GMT

>    tex &latex my_file.tex

>The result of this command must be running TeX with the LaTeX format,
>but bash launches TeX in backgroud and LaTeX in foreground with the
>file my_file.tex.

This is normal: you need to quote the &


  tex \&latex my_file.tex


  tex '&latex' my_file.tex

> I think that bash undersand tex &latex my_file.tex as tex &; latex
> my_file.tex.


  command1 & command2

executes command1 in background and command2 in foreground. The syntax 

  command1 &; command2

is not valid.

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