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disown help improvement

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: disown help improvement
Date: 01 May 2001 03:48:22 +0800
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$ help disown doesn't give this point regarding the simplest
disown invocation.  One only learns about it from the man page:
              If no jobspec is present, and neither the -a nor the -r
              option is supplied, the current job is used.

By the way, I had done
$ su
# suspend
$ emacs & disown
$ fg
only to find that I couldn't get back into that su.  [my goal of
disowning the emacs is to unlink its lifespan with that of the shell's.]

If one types this line and then hits C-z are the results
somehow non correct?
$ sleep 44;sleep 33 &disown;fg

[1]+  Stopped                 sleep 44
[2] 8367
bash: warning: deleting stopped job 1 with process group 8359
bash: fg: current: no such job
$ fg
bash: fg: current: no such job

Ok, I see what bash considers the current job
$ sleep 44;sleep 33 &jobs
[1]+  Stopped                 sleep 44
[2] 20305
[1]+  Stopped                 sleep 44
[2]-  Running                 sleep 33 &

but I don't see anything on the man page about "deleting stopped job"...
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