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(no subject)

From: root
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 18:50:04 -0500

From: root
To: address@hidden
Subject: [50 character or so descriptive subject here (for reference)]

Configuration Information [Automatically generated, do not change]:
Machine: i386
OS: Linux
Compiler: gcc
-O2 -m486 -fno-strength-reduce
uname output: Linux tigger.phys.uwm.edu 2.4.3 #3 SMP Sat Apr 28 18:09:49 CDT 
2001 i686 unknown

Bash Version: 1.14
Patch Level: 7

        [Detailed description of the problem, suggestion, or complaint.]

        We have a problem with large files.  We are using large
        file support in the kernel.  If we take a 2.13 Gbyte file
        bigfile and attempt to append a small file littlefile to
                cat littlefile>>bigfile

        we get the error "File too large".  Is there a way to build
        bash with large file support?

        [Describe the sequence of events that causes the problem
        to occur.]

        make 2.13 Gbyte file bigfile
        make 0.3  Gbyte file littlefile
        cat littlefile >> bigfile

        [Description of how to fix the problem.  If you don't know a
        fix for the problem, don't include this section.]

        Use large file support and long long types?

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