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Re: should bash, bash -v and bash -x behave identically?

From: Marty Leisner
Subject: Re: should bash, bash -v and bash -x behave identically?
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 12:06:09 -0400

I meant "perform the same computations".  The -v and -x just control
the echos.  Should this alter the computations? (i.e. the flow of control)

In message <address@hidden>,   you write:
>> I'm configuring imagemagick 5.3.3.  I'm on solaris 2.7.
>> I didn't like the values its finding, so I wanted to 
>> trace configure.
>> Turns out I hit something interesting:
>>      bash -x  (and bash, and sh -vx) run fine
>>      bash -v (and bash -vx) does bizarre things
>>      (the value of CPP should be "gcc -E", instead its /lib/cpp
>>      and it stops there...
>> Shouldn't bash -x, bash -vx, and bash -v do the same things?
>I don't believe so.  -v says to echo the shell input as it's read.
>-x says to echo the expanded command just before it's executed.
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