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Re: 'suspend' and 'xterm'

From: Adam Sulmicki
Subject: Re: 'suspend' and 'xterm'
Date: 21 May 2001 19:08:21 GMT

To: address@hidden (Sven Mascheck)
Subject: Re: 'suspend' and 'xterm'
Newsgroups: gnu.bash.bug

: >     ona a linux system , if I start xterm, and then type right
: >     away 'suspend' it will suspend the shell anyway, and .. well
: >     look as if it hang. and the only optoin left is to kill it xterm.

: Hm, you can ask xterm(1) to send itself a SIGCONT,
: via the "Main Options" menu (CTRL-Button1), "Send CONT Signal".

does it actually work for you? I have just tried it and once I type 
suspend with the bash, xterm stops to respond to any commands.

: IIRC, there are xterm(1)s with a bug, having listed the signals
: wrongly off by one, BTW.

I'm using the ltest xterm 156, and I also have talked with xterm
maintainer who pointed out that other shells does not have this 
problem suggesting it IS bash bug.

Also from reading Stevens's AUP it is clear that the program which tries
to deal with job control should be aware if the program from which it was
started can deal with job control or not. For this reason we have SIGTSTP
which can be caught instead of SIGSTOP which can't be. He also goes to say
that a program whcih can't control job (like init) need to set SIGTSTOP to
ignore, I'm not sure if the xterm actually does it, but this patch at
least makes bash use correct signal.

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