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set +o?

From: Marty Leisner
Subject: set +o?
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 13:45:30 -0400

I'm reading ksh93 man page...

they define the set command to use
+/- for options...

So I tried it in bash:
:1 address@hidden; set +o 
set +o allexport
set -o braceexpand
set +o errexit
set -o hashall
set -o histexpand
set +o keyword
set -o monitor
set +o noclobber
set +o noexec
set +o noglob
set +o notify
set +o nounset
set +o onecmd
set +o physical
set +o privileged
set +o verbose
set +o xtrace
set -o history
set -o ignoreeof
set -o interactive-comments
set +o posix
set -o emacs
set +o vi

In ksh93:
$ set +o
set -o bgnice -o monitor -o vi

According to austin d6, they're both right...but it spells out 
what set -o and set +o do...

marty           address@hidden   
Don't  confuse education with schooling.
        Milton Friedman to Yogi Berra

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