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Re: lock-up on SIGSTOP/CONT (was: 'suspend' and 'xterm')

From: Adam
Subject: Re: lock-up on SIGSTOP/CONT (was: 'suspend' and 'xterm')
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 16:05:54 -0400 (EDT)

[sigh, I hate tracking newsgroup posts, a cc would make life much easier]

Re XTERM, I have already fixed it on Sunday or Monday, and the path has
been send to XTERM maintainer since then. For those curious the patch is

        However, Sven did excelletn job tracking the issue from
cross-platform viewpoint, and it is something I was not able to do. I'll
forward your emaill to xterm maintainer since he was very curious how
other platorms fare with this issue.

Re BASH. Does it mean it should not be fixed? No. This reason is that
while xterm is job control capable, there are still other programs which
are not. Just for shake of argument replace 'xterm' with 'gnome-terminal'
which does not have have notion of job control at all. So here the
only solution is to have bash do the right thing.

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