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set -o vi in .bash_profile

From: Hans Vansweevelt
Subject: set -o vi in .bash_profile
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 10:24:25 +0200

When 'set -o vi' is added in a .bash_profile, this does not seems to
work. However, if I remove it from the .bash_profile and type it manually
after login in, it works. 
Also, when it is in the .bash_profile then vi is on when you do a set -o,
but it does not work, even if you enter the command manually.
So the only way for me to have vi-editing is to leave it out of the
profile and enter it after login in.
This happens with bash 1.14.7 and bash2 2.03.
Can someone tell me how I can add it in some profile so that it doesn't
have to be typed in every login-session ?


Hans Vansweevelt                      
Labo for Quantumchemistry             address@hidden
Celestijnenlaan 200F                  Tel. : (32) 16 327595
B-3001 Heverlee                       Fax. : (32) 16 327992

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