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MAN issues

From: Guy Jara
Subject: MAN issues
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2001 17:22:37 -0700

    To whom it may concern,

    I experienced odd behavior with Cygwin 1.3.1 , which
apparently uses the bash shell. When I use 'MAN' on a command to
find out more about the command, I am unable to exit out of the
man page. I then have two options:

    1) do a [Ctrl-z] to suspend the program, and then kill it, or

    2) use [Ctrl-c], whereupon the prompt no longer displays what
you type, although the shell evidently knows that it is there
since it executes correctly.

    I am new to PC-UNIX so perhaps I've done something wrong.
However, I asked someone else who has used the Cygwin shell in
the past and they had not seen the behavior.

    Technical Particulars: running NT 4.0, on a Dell Precision
410 workstation with 64 MB of RAM, processor speed unknown.

       I appreciate all the work that went into making this a


    Guy Jara

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