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no input after fg

From: Martin Drohmann
Subject: no input after fg
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 12:16:32 +0200

There seems to be a problem with job control under bash, as the
following script only worked correctly when I sourced it. The actual
purpose of this scripts is that the user can interrupt this sleep job
by pressing the OK-Button of the messagebox genereated by
dialog. However, when the sleep job finishes, the messagebox is
supposed to be killed.

set -m
function kill_sleep() {
    echo "killing sleep..."
    kill "%{ sleep"
dialog --msgbox "\n.When you press the OK-Button the sleep job
should be terminated\n" 20 50 &
# sleep job
{ sleep 9; kill $DIALOG_PID; } &
fg %dialog && kill_sleep

for those who don't know 'dialog': dialog --msgbox "..." 20 50 creates a
dialog with an OK-Button with 20 lines and 50 columns. It will be
stopped when it tries to write to tty.

If I source this script everything works fine, but if I execute it as
a bash script, dialog won't react to my input and seems to be freezed.

What is the problem?


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