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Re: redirect to STDERR problem

From: Padraig Brady
Subject: Re: redirect to STDERR problem
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 14:37:18 +0100
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This is related to my patch above. If a process requires user interaction
it should interact with /dev/tty and not stderr in my opinion. Anybody
have any comments on my previous patch "bash uses stderr instead of /dev/tty ?"


Sven Mascheck wrote:

Christian Teufel <address@hidden> wrote:

I wanted to redirect scp errors (file not found, etc.) to STDERR via the
2> command.  Everything worked fine on my system (SuSE Linux 6.3, [...]
Then I executed my small proggie on an other system (SuSE Linux 6.1, [...]
and oooops, the password prompt was redirected to STDERR.

I guess one scp (aka ssh) writes the password prompt to /dev/tty but the
other to STDERR, depending on ssh flavour (and version?).


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