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Please answer a research survey on personal use of the Internet at work

From: researchstudy2001
Subject: Please answer a research survey on personal use of the Internet at work
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 17:14:01 -0400


Dear newsgroup user:

We apologize for our cross-posting, but we needed representative coverage of a 
relatively small subset of current newsgroups. We have embarked on a study to 
learn more about personal use of the Internet while at work. We think you will 
find this an unusually interesting questionnaire to complete. Please click 
here: http://ebiz.sis.pitt.edu/survey

If you are currently employed or have held a job providing some access to the 
Internet, please consider completing this short questionnaire, whether or not 
you used the Internet for personal goals while on the job.

Please answer honestly, and be assured that your identity is completely 
unknown. We have not set and do not read any "cookies," we do not run any 
covert code, we do not "pop up" a stream of browser windows, and we do not 
trick your system into revealing your identity. You are welcome to examine the 
source code for this page to verify that.

If you would like to express any comments about our study or request a copy of 
our results, we would be happy to read and respond. It might take a few days 
for our responses, so please be patient. To enter your comments, please click 
the "comment" button near the bottom of the form. A new window will pop up with 
a separate form for this purpose.

We hope you find this study interesting.


Dennis F. Galletta
Associate Professor of Business Administration

Peter Polak
Doctoral Candidate


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