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Re: using bash to check mail

From: Karl Kleinpaste
Subject: Re: using bash to check mail
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 08:32:40 -0400
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address@hidden (Alak Trakru) writes:
> i tried using MAIL and MAILPATH but they don't seem to work.

"Turn on your computer first."

(That's a sarcastic way of saying, "You didn't give any actual
information in your report."  _How_ didn't they work?  You'd have to
start by saying how you used them, what the values of the variables
were, and so forth.)

> # /bin/mail -E
> # switch ( $status )
> # case 0:
> # echo "there's new mail."
> # breaksw;
> # case 2:
> # echo "no new mail."
> # breaksw;
> # endsw

/bin/mail -E
case "$?" in
    0) echo "there's  new mail." ;;
    2) echo "no new mail." ;;

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